Season three of The Flash was something else. Savitar was defeated and Barry and Iris are now engaged to be married. To say season three was eventful is an understatement.

Now that the scarlet speedster has the girl of his dreams one step closer to the altar, will it really happen? I mean, a lot can go wrong, and if you watch The Flash, it’s a great case study for Murphy s Law. Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg sat down with Entertainment Weekly and pretty much spoiled that Barry and Iris will get married. I don’t think it gets any more definitive than this:

They are finally going to get married this season and then its going to be: can they stay married with everything that’s coming up against them?

Those are some pretty strong words there. Kreisberg is making it clear that the newly married Barry and Iris Allen will be facing a lot together after their Flash Wedding. There is still a lot going on so who knows who will be the biggest threat to their marriage.

Even if Barry and Iris don’t stay married by the end of Season 4, there is a definite possibility they will rekindle the love in a future season. You might remember in the pilot episode Iris is still shown carrying Barry’s Allen’s last name. There is hope, unless Barry messes up the timeline again which at this point isn’t a stretch.

Staying a bit closer to the present. The wedding event will be huge for the network. It’s possible the marriage event might be the crossover event we will see with Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Even if it isn’t the crossover, I would expect at least Supergirl and Oliver to be present at the wedding!

Adding fuel to the fire, The CW’s Mark Pedowitz hinted the crossover could involve Barry and Iris’ wedding. He told Entertainment Weekly, “Let me just say, romance is in the air.” Greg Berlanti added his own fuel confirming romance is in the air, “That is true.” Berlanti explained, “Our way of making the show bigger this year was to go even more personal, so it’s a big life event for a few different people on the show.” However, he was evasive if the event was a wedding, “There are many life events that happen.”

Well, we definitely know that Barry and Iris will be getting married, but will that marriage be the main crossover event for the Arrowverse?

A fall wedding crossover event sounds just about right to me.

What do you think about all of this? Are you excited about Barry and Iris finally tying the knot? Also, will we see a massive wedding event cross over between all of the shows?

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