“And what he saw was a great hand so far back that the very act of looking at it opened up millions of worlds.”

Let the games begin

Scott Snyder has hit his stride. Dark Nights: Metal #2 is one of his greatest additions to the Batman mythology. While it took several issues to get all his eggs in one basket, now, they’ve been unleashed in magnificent fury. Greg Capullo, Jonathon Glapion and FCO Plascencia are the industry’s best, masterfully capturing the bleak and awesome nightmares of Snyder’s script.

Dark Nights: Metal #2

The Justice League is in dire straights without Batman; Kendra Saunders searches frantically for Bruce. As the darkest of knights distracts his searchers he’ll unknowingly unleash the coolest team-story DC has ever released.

Off the rails with a crazy…brain

Scott Snyder has crafted some of the most compelling stories in recent years. Though he’s crafted many such tales they’ve all been in the pages of either Batman or American Vampire. He’s deft at leaving story elements scattered across the narrative as characters roam and gather them. It’s an enthralling way of having the characters drive the narrative rather than having them stumble across some force or happening. Here, Bruce has taken most of the responsibility into his own hands leaving the rest of our heroes high and dry.

A hilarious and awesome escape plan is enacted. Bruce leaves the Justice League in the metaphorical hands of a…monstrous growth. An homage to one of Snyder’s former titles, letting Capullo unchain his immeasurable talent on some captivating characters.

Dark Nights: Metal #2

Greg Capullo is obvious a Heavy Metal fan himself. His outside appearance could easily have him confused for a guitarist or biker. Instead, he’s one of the best artists working today. He’s stuck closely to Batman for years now. Having designed the Rebirth suit before leaving Batman, his influence is still felt on the title. He continues to influence with amazing designs and action in Dark Nights: Metal #2. Glapion and Plascencia are some of Capullo’s usual suspects. While Danny Miki finished out the Batman run with Capullo, Glapion was his first inker. The old team is back together again, and to great effect. This is the best work Capullo has ever drawn on published paper.

The Verdict

Scott Snyder’s first event book initially faced some skepticism. His DC work has revolved around either Batman or Swamp Thing, thanks to his horror roots. He blows all expectations out of the water with Dark Nights: Metal #2. Batman leads his friends and foes on an exciting chase across DC’s Earth 1.

The Dark Multiverse first mentioned in Dark Nights: Metal #1 is glimpsed ever-so-slightly in the pages of #2. Greg Capullo knows just how to entice readers, blending incredible detail and Heavy Metal-sensibilities to create the best character designs recently seen in DC panels. When Capullo and Scott Snyder are together true magic is made.

As great friends have a ball making amazing comics together, readers should hope the good times never end.



Comic Book Review: Dark Nights: Metal #2
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