“What lies ahead is to be dreaded even more – A trap sprung by a mind not of this Earth…”

The Magician shows you something ordinary…

Mister Miracle is a relatively small story. Between New Genesis and Apokolips there have been only 2 locations explored thus far. Tom King and Mitch Gerads have created an in-depth exploration into what it means to be a son of both New Genesis and Apokolips. The Man Wonder is once again contemplating his life. Though we don’t have his inner-thoughts, his expression is enough to read his soul. Mitch Gerads manages to capture the gritty path Tom King has laid for our hero.

Mister Miracle #2

Sheriff of Babylon was a gritty war drama that explored allegiances and espionage in the Iraq War. Tom King and Mitch Gerads were perfect companions to take us down such a dark and dreary road. That story starred a male CIA agent battling his demons and an incredibly intelligent Sunni woman who’s tougher than he could ever become. Chris and Sofia made for engaging perspectives with which we could view this modern war. Mister Miracle and Barda are no different thanks to the immense talent behind them.

The Magician turns something ordinary extraordinary…

Mister Miracle and Barda are one of the defining couples of the DC Universe. Their love, forged in the fires of Apokolips, is one worthy of many a tale. It’s a Romeo and Juliet story, if Romeo was traded to Juliet’s family in his infancy. However, the beauty lies in what they clearly mean to each other.

Barda turned from evil because despite his upbringing, Mister Miracle never was. He may have been a child of Highfather but he was raised by Darkseid. Despite that he remains one of the most optimistic personalities in the DC universe. Depression is visible at the corners of his eyes thanks to Mitch Gerads excellent pencil-work. Tom King still crafts a hopeful Scott Free, but he’s certainly putting him through the ringer.

Mister Miracle #2

Those who don’t believe will never find

Mitch Gerads is the perfect accompaniment to King’s deceptively dissecting direction. His color work alone is a far cry from his work on Babylon, almost unbelievably so. It’s alluringly psychedelic, a surprisingly apt fit for the lives of Scott and Barda Free. However, a slightly overused style can become a little tired. The 9-panel style with which Gerads crafts his story is often repetitious without much difference between some panels. His work is incredibly detailed making recurrence even more noticeable. Despite that there’s no replacing Mitch on this title. Together he and Tom King are changing and making comic history.

The Verdict

Within 4 years Tom King has epitomized success in the comic world. From co-writing with Tim Seeley, another industry best, to writing comic’s biggest character; his success is admirable. Thankfully, this allows him to write what he wants when he wants. Omega Men wasn’t a financial success but it was an amazing glance at a little-seen part of the DC Universe. Mister Miracle #2 is no different.

Mitch Gerads is one of the few names Tom King has chosen to realize his vision. Together they’ve gone from a surprisingly witty and exciting drama to a surprisingly depressive and introspective legend. Though Gerads may be overusing a technique or two, there’s no one better to loyally serve King.

With their joined efforts Scott Free may have finally found a trap from which there’s no escape.

Comic Book Review: Mister Miracle #2
The Score9.5
  • Tom King is Unstoppable
  • Mister Miracle and Big Barda - Comic's Best Couple?
  • Mitch Gerards Trippy, Mind-Bending Art
  • Overuse of 9-Panel Structure
9.5Overall Score
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