Thanks to Marvel Studios movies, we have become accustomed to post-credit scenes that lead us into the next chapter of their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the IT Movie we didn’t get so much a scene, but a tease. The tease itself leads us to a startling realization, and if you haven’t seen the original television miniseries then you’re in for a nice surprise.

*Warning Spoilers Below!*

At the end of the film, we’re given what seems like a happy ending. Pennywise has been defeated. The last we see of Pennywise seems to have been vanquished by the Losers’ Club when they see him fall down the Derry sewers. Shortly afterward they make a blood pact to reunite again if the monster ever returns.

Fading into the dark the credits roll.

Losers' Club

We don’t really see anything, but what we hear tells us a great deal. We hear at first children singing “Oranges and Lemons.” The song played throughout the movie and was associated with the child eating creature. Then it happens, we hear Pennywise laughing. It’s not a short burst, but a full laugh. Now, what does this mean?

If you’re familiar with either the book or the original television miniseries then you already know. Pennywise will return in 27 years and the blood pact will be invoked.  We’re going to see the Losers’ Club as middle aged adults doing battle with Pennywise again.

But there is something else. The children signing “Oranges and Lemons” is another clue to what we can expect moving forward. During the final act of IT, we saw what we thought were the souls of the children Pennywise had taken from the debris tower being released. However, the children singing could mean the souls weren’t released at all, but still remain under the control of the create. They could be forced to sing forever.

Tim Curry's IT

A sequel is already in the works and is set for a 2019 release. It’s possible we might see the soul of Georgie return to haunt his now adult brother. One heck of a dark turn if you ask me and a fantastic way to torture someone.

It would be no surprise if the film makers decide to make a sharp left turn and try something new. I could only imagine that with the film’s current success they would have a greater deal of flexibility in how they would go about making the sequel.

What do you think? Will Pennywise make a darker return accompanied by the soul of Georgie?  What did you think of the film? Tell us in the poll above!

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