Frank Castle is on the run. Well, that’s nothing new.

What is new is we have a brand new Punisher teaser promo. The promo shows armed men in full body armor and tactical gear going through an abandoned building. It’s accompanied with the caption, “Everything will come to light one day.”


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Everything will come to light eventually.

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This video is only a part of a series of similar posts on the official Punisher Instagram account. In addition, others have been published by the Marvel/Netflix duo in the last six days in order to continue their hyping up of the soon to be released series.

This isn’t the only tease that Netflix has dangled in front of fans over the last few months. In August, we got our first look at Frank in his full Punisher outfit. He looked mean and ready to clean up the streets.

Jigsaw actor Ben Barnes also teased us with the dark direction the series will take. Then, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page, discussed her character’s relationship with Frank.  She talked about where it will lead, and what role will it play in the development of The Punisher.

Karen Page and Frank Castle

As we can see, there is quite a bit of stuff going on already, and the show hasn’t even premiered yet!

These are only a few examples of the bread crumbs left by Marvel and Netflix to keep interest high in the November bound show. When Frank Castle made his way to Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil Season 2, he captivated fans, and when news broke that he would have his own spin off series, we all jumped for joy.

Whoever is hunting down Frank Castle has no idea what they are getting into. I cannot imagine he would be taken easily by most groups. They don’t stand a chance.