Lennie James Teases Morgan’s Death In Season 8 Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Season 8 of The Walking Dead won’t premier until Oct. 22, but many already suspect that Morgan Jones will be the next major character to die; and actor Lennie James has fanned the flames of speculation himself.

When AMC released the official season 8 trailer back in July, it didn’t go unnoticed when Morgan uttered some ominous words: “I don’t die.”

James finally addressed the ill-fated line during a season 8 preview special of The Talking Dead Sunday night on AMC, and he’s well aware that everyone thinks Morgan’s days are numbered. “It doesn’t matter what my reaction to it is,” he said. “The fans’ reactions and my kids’ reaction to it is, ‘Daddy, does that mean you’re dead?'”

Further, James also commented that the history of deaths on The Walking Dead hardly bodes well for Morgan: “In this show, you fall in love, you have a really good idea, or someone calls you the moral compass – you’re dead. You’re dead.”

If that’s not bad enough, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrays Negan on the show, was also present to comment – and he said what everyone was thinking: “‘I don’t die’ is probably not the best plan.”

So, will Morgan be the next season 1 character to die? Even without the ominous tease from the season 8 trailer, it seems likely. Back in the season 6 finale, Morgan broke his vow to never kill when he saved Carol from a member of the Saviors. But while that was certainly a justified killing, all morality went out the window in season 7 when Morgan killed Richard – his own friend – in a blind rage after the unintentional death of Benjamin, with whom Morgan had developed a fatherly relationship. Heading into season 8, Morgan is clearly far more emotional than he once was – something that could very well cost him his life in the midst of All Out War.

Do you think Morgan will be one of the characters to die in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead? Share your thoughts below!

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