The first promo for Supernatural’s thirteenth season just dropped! Take a look for yourself!

The CW released this promo today, which is sure to get viewers pumped for Season 13. As usual, where the Winchester brothers go, there is the legendary black Imala. Dean’s love of food takes an important role in this clip. He says ” God, we need your help.” From there we see Sam and Dean outside of a gas station. Dean continues, ” Before I destroy the world, let me just grab a bag of curly fries”

Makes me wonder if curly fires will reveal his love of pie?

Dean and Pie

From there, the promo cuts into a montage of scenes. A very similar promo formula used in the past by the show. We see the Winchesters throwing knives at a creature down a hallway. Afterwards, we see Sam giving Dean a needed pep talk. “We find a way, That’s what we do.” Isn’t that the truth. Over the last twelve plus years, the brothers have fought against the forces of Heaven and Hell and they’ve always found a way.

As the promo continues we’re introduced to a new character, a man dressed all in white is seen coming through a set of double doors. At the end of the promo, this same mysterious man states, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” As of now, there is no information confirming who this man is. This hasn’t stopped fans from sleuthing around trying to uncover his identity. Is he an Angel or a Demon? He’s definitely not the Archangel Michael. We got a good look at him yesterday. So who could it be?

Supernatural will return for season thirteen October 12th at 8 p.m. Are you ready to ride with the Winchesters?

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