A Wayne by any other name

After a few twitter followers made some delightful casting suggestions this morning, Gotham star David Mazouz retweeted some radical notions. The young actor found himself in the guise of Damian Wayne, thanks to excellent work by a fan seen here.

Well well, let the Twitter campaign begin. David Mazouz, though already occupying a place in Wayne history, would make an amazing Damian. His sometimes pompous sometimes explosive depiction of Bruce is more than a suitable representation of the youngest Robin. His time spent under the Al Ghul’s gave him a sense of superiority that mirrors Bruce’s own upscale upbringing.

While it took a great deal of storytelling and character development, Damian overcame his ideologies to become the son Bruce never technically had. While his presence on the show would make him an unlikely candidate, Mazouz would be a great choice to introduce Damian Wayne to the world.

A Prodigal Son

Damian’s past is part of what makes the role so appealing. Created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert in Batman #655, the biological son of Bruce and Talia Al Ghul seemed like a horrible idea. The metaphorical sons Bruce had in Dick, Jason, and Tim was something the fans held as dearly as Batman himself. The notion that a new character would be inherently closer to Bruce was something that almost offended the fan-base. But thanks to the genius that is Grant Morrison, Damian was meant to be hated from the start.

From the very beginning of Batman and Son, Damian was an insufferable little know-it-all who wanted nothing more than to murderously cramp his Father’s style. Trained from birth to be the perfect assassin, he pompously attempted to outdo previous Robins physically and mentally. He fought his Father tooth-and-nail in regards to their missions and their morals.

But in the meta-fashion at which he excels, this was just Morrison using our own opinions against us. As Batman began to instill his teachings into Damian, we ourselves would watch him grow. We watched Damian learn to use his power for the good of the world; we watched him admire the mercy his Father showed. When his Father died at the hands of Darkseid we watched him help Dick Grayson become the Batman we needed him to be.

This newest Robin was growing on the comic world.

Coming Full Circle

As any good storyteller knows, all good things must come to an end. Bruce mightily returned. With his son, he began the lengthy fight against Talia Al Ghul and her Leviathon organization. When forced to make a choice between parents, Damian had chosen Bruce. He had chosen the mantle of Robin instead of the throne his Mother sought to put him on.

For this, she ordered his death.

In the pages of the New 52’s Batman Incorporated Grant Morrison would take away that which he had gifted. While defending his Father from Talia’s own creations, Damian was killed. It was a heartbreaking story from which there was no recovery…

Damian and Kalibak by Andy Kubert – Robin Rises.

Except when Damian was resurrected by his creator’s former editor, Peter Tomasi. Thankfully, in comics if someone taketh away someone else will probably giveth it back again. Though Grant Morrison’s legendary Batman run ended tragically, it was the blossoming relationship between Father and Son that would be remembered.

If Damian’s story is deemed appropriate for the big screen, David Mazouz would be more than worthy.

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