Venom is going to make his presence known in the Marvel Universe thanks to a new crossover!

Announced on the Marvel weekly podcast, This Week In Marvel, Vemon Inc/Alpha #1 will be the first of a six-part story written by Dan Slott and Mike Costa. Art will be done by Ryan Stegman.

Venom Inc

Ryan Penagos, Vice President and Executive Editor of Marvel Digital had this to say about Venom INC.:

We’re in a bit of a Venom renaissance—a Ven-aissance?—of late, and I got real excited when I not only heard about Venom Inc., but that we’d get to announce it on This Week in Marvel! If you haven’t listened to any of the 300+ episodes of This Week in Marvel yet, I hope you come for the news we’ll continue to break going forward, and stay for the interviews, in-depth look at all the amazing Marvel Comics out each week, great community, and more.

The story of Alpha #1 will continue in Amazing Spider-Man and Venom. What is expected to be at the heart of the story? The dynamics of the relationship between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. Each hasn’t seen the other face to face in years. Now add in Flash Thompson, the reunion is going to be something else.

The Amazing Spider Man and Venom

Executive Editor Nick Lowe Teased:

Flash Thompson got to be that hero when he was Venom….but that was everything he’d wanted. And now it’s gone. It was robbed from him. And so, he’s trying to figure out what his role in life is…and where that story goes, I’m not gonna tell you.

Lowe continued talking about what we can expect from the series:

Twists! Turns! Classic Spider-Man characters, but all treading on new ground! And to have Ryan Stegman returning to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN? I’m embarrassed by the creative riches here!

Venom Inc. 2

Venom INC. looks to incorporate new characters, villains, as well as established Spider-Man characters in Venom Inc. You can expect to see Venom/Alpha #1 make it to your local comic shop on December 6th.

Amazing Spider-Man #793

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