As digital distribution is becoming a fan favorite for comic readers, Turner Classic Movies is going a step further. Partnering with technology company Sprocket Creative, TCM is releasing a new VR-enhanced digital experience alongside a comic entitled Batman in Noir Alley. The comic stars a couple of familiar faces in Batman and the host or Noir Alley Eddie Muller.

The Comic

Together, the two will tackle an antiquated detective story  when the famed Moroccan Raptor disappears from the Gotham City Museum. The comic is written by Stuart Moore with cover art by Dan Panosian. The comic will only be available in select comic book stores and at the DC booth at New York Comic-Con in October.

Batman has a penchant for deductive reasoning. The title of “The Detective” is earned and given. He’s known for cracking any crime, a point R’as Al Ghul admits by granting him that title. It’s obvious why Turner Classic Movies would want him associated with their new product. Muller is a great protagonist choice, but Batman is one of the most popular characters ever. For Turner, he will bring in a younger audience.

Batman in Noir Alley

The Digital Experience

Along with the comic, TCM will also be launching a virtual and digital experience titled, Noir Alley: 360° of Noir. The experience will be seven episodes long and will immerse fans in “the dark and gritty world of film noir with a new, original story of kidnap and murder.” The digital experience will allow fans to meet new characters, search for clues, and attempt to figure out who the culprit is.

The 360 experience is unfortunately not Batman-related, but sounds like an interesting toy to further engage fans in a television experience.

Something Old, Something New

Superheroes will help TCM, a channel remembered for black and white pictures of old. They’re one of many companies and programs utilizing modern technology to find new audiences. Modern technology has companies releasing their shows and films on multiple formats and creating brand new products. It’s a great time for the modern living room.

TCM’s senior vice president of marketing Pola Changon said so herself:

At TCM, it’s our goal to continuously create fan-first experiences and provide opportunities to engage and interact with our brand both on and off the TV screen. We’re always looking for new and exciting immersive experiences that provide the perfect opportunity to offer a deeper level of engagement for our devoted Noir Alley fans.

Batman isn’t the subject of the VR-experience, but a comic is a smart bonus to get a wider audience.

Any opportunity for a new Batman story is a good thing.