Ben Affleck’s Batman looks to cast aside his Dark Knight Returns roots seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a new Batman.

In a brand new international promo on the official Japanese Twitter account for Justice League, the cast of Justice League introduced themselves to their Japanese audience and gave us some revealing details about where their characters are heading into the film.

Ben Affleck starts off, “In the new movie Justice League, we see the evolution of a new Batman. Inspired by Superman’s sacrifice, he’s moved on from lone vigilante to recruiter and leader.”

Gal Gadot picks up from there, “Wonder Woman has already established a relationship with Batman, in a way they are a perfect match as partners.”

Ezra Miller briefly teases The Flash, “The Flash got hit by a bolt of lightning giving him superpowers which are obviously extremely sweet.” Jason Momoa then describes where Aquaman is at, “Aquaman is the heir to the throne of Atlantis, but resists that title and the responsibility that comes with it.”

Finally, Ray Fisher describes Cyborg as “a digital and physical tank and able to interface with any form of technology with just a thought.”

Justice League hits theaters in the United States on November 17, 2017.