Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Ranked from Worst to Best!

The List So Far!

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1 2 3 24

When we last visited this list, we were eagerly anticipating Thor: Ragnarok to hit theaters. This list served as a “so far” until the movie was released.  Now that the third film of the Thor franchise has been in theaters a few weeks, we’ve had enough time to gather some data from Rotten Tomatoes as well as see how it did in the Box Office. Hopefully, we’ve all seen Thor: Ragnarok, and the impression it left on critics, audiences, and the box office numbers certainly changes the list  a bit. What movies go down in rank? What movies were impressive enough to keep their ranking? Click through for our assessment!

Keep in mind, we have yet to see Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. So this is still “The List so far!”

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1 2 3 24
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