Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Ranked from Worst to Best!

18. Marvel's Inhumans

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Box office Numbers: $1.5 mil.
Critic Score: 7%
Crowd Score: 63%

Marvel first announced that Inhumans was going to be a standalone movie at the end of 2018. However, things didn’t quite pan out like they had planned and the movie eventually was shelved and turned into a series. Then it was brought back as a movie, then ultimately set as a series which would premiere in IMAX theaters for its first few episodes. It was going to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s response to the mutants of the FOX Marvel Universe, and audiences as well as critics weren’t on board. Critics were put off by the CGI, the deviation from the original source material, the costuming, and the world that the Inhumans were part of. General audiences were confused by the first trailers for the film/series, and the elevator pitch of what the movie was fell flat with viewers. The movie had a less than satisfactory show at IMAX theaters, despite all the advertising and attempts at San Diego Comic Con to promote the show. That coupled with a director who also headed the critically failed effort of Netflix’s Iron Fist, it might not be looking good for the future episodes of the show. And there’s some recent gossip out there that Inhumans might already be cancelled. We’re counting this in the film list because it premiered in IMAX theaters, and to date it is the worst performing film coming out of the MCU.

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