Marvel Studios just dropped their Thor: Ragnarok China Trailer and with it they give us some all new action shots as well as potentially giving us our first look at Enchantress.

At the 1:33 second mark of the trailer, a blonde woman in a white dress is seen protecting the people cowering behind her. But she’s also lifting up her hand as if to cast a spell. Could that be Enchantress?

Thor: Ragnarok

In the comics, Amora aka the Enchantress, played a huge role with both Skurge and Valkyrie. Enchantress used her ability to control men against their will. One of those men was Skurge. The two even formed the Masters of Evil with Baron Zemo when the two were banished to Earth by Odin. In fact, in one storyline Amora attempts to resurrect Skurge by attacking the World Tree, Yggdrasil. With Valkyrie, Enchantress actually used to adventure with her until she betrayed her and trapped Valkyrie’s soul within The Crystal of Souls. Enchantress would go on to impersonate Valkyrie until Doctor Strange defeated her and rescued Valkyrie’s spirit.

Loki also has quite a bit of history with Amora. The two have teamed up a number of times in attempts to defeat Thor. She’s always wanted Thor for herself and wages devious plots against the women Thor favors over her including Jane Foster and Lady Sif.

A popular theory for Thor: Ragnarok suggests Enchantress may actually be impersonating Lady Sif or Valkyrie. Carlos Rosario Gonzalez at Movie Pilot believes “Amora could be impersonating Lady Sif or Valkyrie like Loki is impersonating Odin (as he’s known to do), part of their grand plan to bring the Ragnarok prophecy to fruition.” Gonzalez believes Enchantress could become a major part of Marvel’s plans after Infinity War with the potential creation of the Masters of Evil with Helmut Zemo from Captain America: Civil War.

I’m definitely leaning towards the idea that Valkyrie is being possessed. There appear to be drastic personality changes between the white clothed Valkyrie and the one we see working for Grandmaster. It would make sense that Enchantress has taken control of Valkyrie’s body just like the comics. Why would she all of a sudden go from capturing Thor to working with him?

The image definitely appears to show Loki working with this new character and I wouldn’t put it past Loki to pull another one over on Thor. And who better to do so than Enchantress.

What do you think? Do you think this is Enchantress? If she’s not who do you think she is?