15 Episodes That Prove Sisko Is The Best Star Trek Captain

Season 1 Episode 1 "Emissary"

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Then Commander Sisko just received command of a former Cardassian Space Station. Terok Nor is now Deep Space Nine. He’s still reeling from the death of his wife during the battle of Wolf 359. The man he feels responsible, Captain Picard, is there during the transition period for the station. With all that is going on, Sisko now becomes an Emissary of the Bajoran Prophets, the local deities of Bajor.

He’s able to finally forgive Captian Picard for a transgression he couldn’t help. That is, with the help of the wormhole aliens (Bajoran Prophets), Sisko realizes that reliving the past, the moment of his wife’s tragic death doesn’t allow him to move on.  Throughout this episode, we witness something great from a leader. An ability to transform and a hint of what Sisko will become as Deep Space Nine progresses.

1 2 3 4 23
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