The CW’s Arrow just dropped a Season 6 Sizzle Reel that is full of brand new footage we haven’t seen yet.

The trailer showcases a number of story beats we predicted including Oliver’s developing relationship with his son and how he will struggle to manage his time between the Green Arrow, being Mayor, and being a Dad. It’s a twist on the typical Single Mom trying to juggle everything. Instead, we have the Single Green Arrow.

There are also some pretty big threats looming around the corner for the Green Arrow including the Black Siren and H.I.V.E. Oliver Queen will also get some visits from some old friends including Manu Bennet’s Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. Vigilante also makes an appearance as they go head to head against the new Black Canary, Dinah Drak. Anatoly Knyazev also makes a substantial appearance following his fallout with Oliver in Season 5. The two came to arms when Oliver reneged on his deal to allow Anatoly to take a number of pharmaceutical drugs in exchange for killing Prometheus.

Along with old friends, Oliver will be making some new ones. Well maybe not friends, but you get the idea. We get a brief glimpse of Kirk Acevedo’s Richard Dragon as he holds up some kind of drug or at least a liquid in a small vial. And Michael Emerson’s mysterious villain appears right at the end ominously telling us, “This is going to be an incredibly insightful evening.”

One of the most interesting parts of the trailer is seeing Oliver comfortably laying down in a jail cell as Dinah Drake walks by on the outside. If you blinked, you might have missed it. It’s an extremely short clip, but obviously shows Oliver’s time as Mayor is numbered.

However, my favorite scene is Deathstroke’s son Jericho apparently talking to his Dad. He says, “You showed me a long time ago there were no true heroes or villains. Only winners and losers. And I know which I want to be.” We then get a close-up of Oliver’s profile with a giant sword right next to his eye as Jericho threatens, “An eye for an eye.”

The trailer was also some key players. We didn’t see any of Emily Bett Rickard’s Felicity, Oliver’s right hand. Also missing was John Diggle and the rest of Team Arrow. Obviously, the producers are still trying to keep who survived Prometheus’ attack on Lian Yu a mystery.

What was your favorite part of the trailer? What are you looking forward to the most this season?

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