Supergirl’s third season begins with Episode 1 ” Girl of Steel.” It starts us off with Kara in a dream. In a flowing white dress, she walks down a dirt road, little more than a trail, her hands reaching out to her sides. Mon-El appears and they embrace and kiss. Kara turns around to see her mother Alura, now played by Erica Durance, in a blue dress.

The scene changes and Supergirl is hovering over the city, her eyes closed. She flies off to join a police chase. Alex and Maggie Sawyer are leading the chase as a black semi-truck races through the streets. The back of the truck opens with Bloodsport manning a large multi-barreled weapon. As he starts to fire, Supergirl flies in front, blocking Alex and Maggie from getting hurt. Bloodsport jumps on top of the moving vehicle and tries to fight Supergirl with an electrified baton. Bloodsport loses, of course, and is thrown from the moving vehicle with no visible harm. He gets away to vex Supergirl later in the episode.

Supergirl has saved the day, but we can tell something isn’t right. The change in her becomes more apparent when a boy says she’s the best and she flies off without saying a word. Maggie is surprised and makes a snippy comment about her not even signing autographs anymore.

Winn and Hank are at the DEO (that’s Department of Extranormal Operations) HQ. Supergirl arrives saying she messed up in letting Bloodsport get away. Everyone disagrees, as they see it as a win. Alex invites Kara to go out to prepare for Alex’s wedding. Kara says she’ll come if nothing else comes up. We all know something always comes up for Supergirl and so does Alex. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to get out of going out.

In a plush office board room Morgan Edge, played by Heroes alumni Adrian Pasdar, talks to the elite of National City. The mayor, Lena Luthor, and Jimmy Olsen are present. Morgan talks about the rebuilding efforts after the Daxamite invasion. Edge is not a nice person. His true colors are shown in the way he treats Lena after everyone else has left the room. As far as I can see he has no redeeming qualities and he’s going to be a pain in Supergirl’s side for as long as he’s around.

In the Cat Co. offices, Jimmy and Kara walk to Jimmy’s office. Cat is on TV in her new role as Press Secretary. She does not have nice things to say about her boss, the President.

Jimmy has a meeting with all of the reporters in his office. He asks Kara about her Supergirl piece, but she blows him off saying Supergirl is too busy for an interview.

Morgan comes on TV to announce his plans to buy Cat Co. Lena and Kara meet to talk about his buying the company and the problems it will cause for everyone.

The group; Alex, Winn, Jimmy, Hank, and Maggie meet to discuss Kara’s attitude after the Daxamite invasion. None of them are happy about the way she has been acting.

Back at DEO HQ Winn tracks Bloodsport and the team meet up. The computer system crashes as they find out Bloodsport worked a military security detail. Kara flies off and finds an unconscious soldier. She spots a lead-lined building and goes to investigate which, in hindsight, was a bad idea. She is shot as is the two soldiers that try to help her, by an invisible assailant. It turns out to be Bloodsport in a cloaked Daxamite ship. Bloodsport gets away because Kara rushes to help the wounded soldiers.

Jimmy has activated his watch so Kara leaves the scene and goes to find out what’s going on. Jimmy wants her to tell him about her piece on Supergirl and Kara gets angry. She tells him she is SUPERGIRL, not Kara. After a few minutes of heated discussion, Kara quits.

Hank, Winn, and Alex figure out that Bloodsport stole a regulator for cloaking technology. Technology that even Supergirl’s X-Ray vision can’t penetrate.

Lena meets with Morgan to talk about the buyout. Morgan reveals his plan to undermine Lena once he owns Cat Co. As soon as Lena leaves Bloodsport arrives telling Morgan no one will see the attack coming.

Alex talks to Kara about her quitting and the loss of Mon-El. Kara says she doesn’t like her civilian identity and would rather be Supergirl. She tells Alex that she sent Mon-El away. Kara asks Alex what she would be doing if it was Maggie instead of Mon-El. Kara says Kara Danvers was a mistake, that she’s not human. Alex reveals Bloodsports plan as she’s about to leave. Her parting shot is that Kara is her favorite person.

A ceremony is being held for Supergirl to commemorate her saving everyone from the Daxamites. Supergirl is on a nearby roof, watching for an attack. Hank shows up to talk to her. He tells her Kara is strong, that it’s her human heart that makes her that way. She almost opens up, but shuts down to look for potential danger.

Alex and Maggie have a heart-to-heart over comms, as a former soldier I can tell you this isn’t a good idea, and they come to terms about their wedding. Winn pops in saying they are his favorite couple.

Odette Annable, playing Reign, shows up with her daughter in the crowd.

Lena unveils a new statue of Supergirl with an inspiring speech. Hank tells Kara she should go join the ceremony now, but the attack starts. Winn can’t locate where the attack is coming from, and Hank’s telepathy fails as well. Kara figures out the attack is coming from underwater. Explosions rock the city as Supergirl tries to find the attackers. She focuses her hearing and splashes into the water. She rams into the submarine as it’s about to fire again. Its targeting systems are off, but Bloodsport wants to fire anyway. The explosions knock over some metal railing and it traps Reign’s daughter. This is our first hint that she is something other than human. Reign uses super strength to lift the metal off her daughter and get her to safety.

Kara is in the water unconscious. In a dream state, she sees Mon-El, who yells at her to get up. Kara gets underneath the sub and lifts it out of the water.

Kara meets Lena in her office. Lena tells her she bought Cat Co so Morgan couldn’t. Lena then offers the story, and a job to Kara, who refuses. Morgan walks in and the temperature in the room drops to zero degrees Kelvin. Kara leaves and Supergirl, very angry, appears.

She flies him out to a cargo ship in the middle of nowhere. Words are exchanged, Kara tells him she knows he’s the one behind the attack, then she leaves him there. As she flies back to the city we see a Kryptonian ship in the water glowing with power.

Alex tells Hank that she has agreed with Maggie on their wedding, the “biggest, gayest wedding the city has ever seen,” and she wants him to walk her down the aisle. Hank asks about a tux and Alex tells him she’ll be wearing kevlar and boots.

Kara texts Lena that she’ll be at work tomorrow and the group, including Kara, meets up for drinks.

The last scene is of Reign dreaming about Alura in the same dress she wore in Kara’s dream, only this time she’s a zombie.

The season, in my eyes, started out slow, but there was a lot of emotional ground to cover. Kara was hit hard by the loss of Mon-El and I think we will see a lot of that this season. Hopefully, Reign will be a major player in the episodes to come and won’t toy with our emotions like Gotham has.

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