After a number of actresses including Suicide Squad’s Cara Delevingne and Underworld’s Kate Beckinsale detailed horrific encounters with Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck a close associate of Weinstein found himself in hot water as well. Weinstein backed Affleck’s Good Will Hunting which launched his career in 1997. A resurfaced clip from MTV’s TRL appears to show Affleck groping One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton. Then makeup artist Annamarie Tendler made her own allegations against Affleck.

Now, a number of people are calling for Ben Affleck to vacate the roll of Batman. They include Jack Posobiec, a reporter who gained fame with his coverage of the 2016 election and the Trump presidency for Canada’s Rebel media. Posobiec now runs a right-leaning Super Pac called Rev18.

Joining Posobiec is hip-hop artist Jubilee.

A number of others also called for Affleck to give up his role as Batman. Still Others have called for a boycott of Affleck altogether.

Do you think Ben Affleck should step down as Batman?