Before Len Wein passed, he was working on a brand new Swamp Thing series with acclaimed artist, Kelley Jones. Together, the two had previously created an excellent mini-series for Alec Holland in 2016. Entertainment Weekly reports that Wein finished the script for his #1 issue. With art by Kelley Jones, the story will be featured alongside Tom King and Jason Fabok’s own story.

The story has been confirmed by the artists themselves. Jason Fabok took to Instagram to post a few images from the series. The first preview is a glorious profile of the Avatar of the Green. 

An intricate design that lives up to Fabok’s incredible reputation. While the unfortunate truth is that there will no longer be a series coming from the character’s creator, Len Wein, there will be the first installment of what could have been. Wein was one of the most influential writers and editors in comic book history. The fact that DC and Jones are making a point of fulfilling his last work is a testament to his relationship with the company.

A First Look

That’s not the only surprise Fabok had in store. Later, he posted a sample page from the series. Once again, the successful artist spoke through his Instagram page.

It’s a small snippet but it’s already shaping up to be an incredible comic! This is the second collaboration between King and Fabok, the first being “The Button” crossover series in Batman and The Flash. Len Wein’s script has talented company in the upcoming special. His recent work on Convergence gave him a bit of a rebirth of his own at DC. What began as a couple of issues for the large cross-over became a 6 issue mini-series as well as the the one that was left unfinished.

What is sad and unfortunate is that Wein had planned to continue crafting great stories to entertain us readers. Though they won’t be realized in their entirety, the legendary writer’s words will grace the pages one last time.

With the continuing success of DC’s talented artists, Len Wein seems to have left his characters in good hands.

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