A few weeks ago we learned that the Iron Fist, Danny Rand, will be visiting fellow Defender Luke Cage in season 2.

Today even more details come to light as star Mike Colter opens up about the upcoming second season. Speaking with Black Film ,the indestructible man talks about a story arc that is sure to excite fans!

Colter teased us with some juicy details about the development of the relationship between his character and Danny Rand:

There are people that love the idea of Heroes for Hire. When people saw The Defenders, they thought the relationship was good between Finn and I and they are curious. They want to see more of that. He will bring some fresh blood in the new season and I’m hoping that people will respond to it well.

He then explained how the idea of Heroes for Hire helps engage the fan base:

We are teamed up for a bit. That’s the whole point of bringing that flavor to it. I can see how this works. That’s what good about it. We’re giving people what they want.

Colter then hinted that we might not see everyone’s favorite super-powered private eye.

A lot of times people wanted to see Jessica Jones and Luke and what happens to them, but we went out on a limb, and decided to ‘let’s give a little Heroes for Hire somewhere in the season and see what happens.’ Hopefully, people will respond to it.”

It looks like Jessica Jones won’t be making a trip to visit her old friend in Harlem. That’s too bad, but I get they want to continue focusing the lens between Luke Cage and Danny Rand. In the comics, the two are very close. And if The Defenders finale scene withaA picture perfect ode to “Born Again” is any hint, we can expect more influence from the comic books to be coming out.

As for if we will see Luke Cage appear in any of the other Marvel Netflix shows, Colter was mum only saying, “I can not say.”

Season 2 of Luke Cage is expected to stream on Netflix sometime in the first part of 2018. Currently, the season is still in production so that can easily change.

Are you hyped at the prospect of a Heroes for Hire story arc? Let us know in the comments below!

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