Welcome to the Collector’s Prison. The Collector has acquired a very powerful mutant, and needs you to help identify them so he can better organize his prisoners and prepare for Battleworld.

He only has a little bit of information to go on. Can you help him?

Here’s what he has on the mutant:

I am a X-Men.

I have psychic abilities.

I’ve been a X-Men villain.

I was part of the Hellfire Club.

Do you know who it is? Will you help the Collector identify this X-Man?

Emma Frost

The answer: Emma Frost.

Were you able to figure out it is Emma Frost? If you did congratulations, you’ve helped the Collector!

But let’s test how well you really know Emma in this short quiz.

Test your comic book knowledge by aiding the Collector again: The Collector’s Prison: A Wakandan Heir.

Share with your friends and family and see if they can figure out this is Emma Frost!

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