Episode 3 “eXodus” starts off three years in the past. Polaris and Eclipse are walking around the future Underground HQ. They talk about the X gene and Polaris asks him what was the first thing he did for joy with his powers. She shows him the first thing she did; levitation. Eclipse grabs some broken glass and makes a light show with it. When they get close together they create a small aurora borealis. It’s beautiful and touching that their powers react that way.

Present day, Polaris is in her cell when Turner comes in. He offers her a deal, but she clams up.

At HQ Eclipse wants to break into the prison and free Polaris. Thunderbird is against it, I like it when he’s the voice of reason. Someone in the group has to be. Eclipse wants to use Blink to break in and tells Thunderbird to train her.

Kate wants to call a lawyer and all the Underground is against that. Andy and Lauren are playing Monopoly. There’s a tense moment when they argue about playing as the shoe. It seems Reed, their father, is always the shoe.

Blink can’t open portals anymore, Thunderbird gives her a pep talk. Dreamer stops him and wants to help by using her powers, but he says no referencing a past experience that went wrong.

Kate wakes the kids up and tells them she’s leaving. They talk her into taking them with her to go find help for Reed.

At Sentinel Services Reed and Turner are talking. Reed tells him about his meeting with Eclipse. Turner tells Reed he has a plan to get him into the Underground so he can catch them.

Thunderbird and Blink are talking about her using her powers. He tells her she has to feel for something, she chooses a warm jelly doughnut. Blink still can’t make a portal, I guess the doughnut wasn’t enough. She’s no Homer Simpson. Thunderbird sees the Struckers’ footprints and tells Eclipse.

The Struckers are on the run from the police and the Underground at this point. Andy wants to rob a bank, but Lauren and Kate stop him. Instead, he destroys some parking meters for “cab fare.”

Blink is trying to practice opening portals when Dreamer talks to her.

The Struckers go to Kate’s brother’s house. Danny’s kid, Scott, and the Strucker kids talk about powers. Danny sends them upstairs to play video games. Danny doesn’t want them there but lets them stay the night.

Sentinel Services places an APB on Reed. Turner places a tracker on him and Reed goes to talk to the bartender he saw while he was meeting Eclipse. The idea is that Reed has escaped and is looking for help. The bartender, Tex, a mutant, doesn’t want anything to do with Reed. However, Reed convinces him to help.

In the bar, Reed tells the bartender the story of how he escaped. He meets a mother and daughter that are both mutants. The mother takes away his pain, and that makes him feel even worse than he did before. His character is changing for the better since his children’s use of their powers.

Andy and Scott are playing a game while Lauren is on her tablet. Scott wants Andy to use his powers, but he won’t. Until he sees a picture of their house trashed by a supposed friend.

Turner tests his wife. Even if he is a pain in the rear, he seems to be a family man. The mutants from the bar, with Reed, leave with the SS following. In the van, the little girl reassures Reed and he feels even worse. Reed tries to get them to stop the van, but Tex won’t, so Reed jumps out of the moving van.

Turner is pissed, but Reed doesn’t care and tells him there is no deal.

Polaris, in her cell, sees metal everywhere. She breaks open her door, but she’s too weak to get out after the collar drains her of energy. The guard that finds her says it’s sad.

At Danny’s house, Thunderbird and Eclipse arrive to get the Struckers out. Danny is mad, that seems to run in the family. A mob shows up because Scoot sent a picture of Andy’s handy work to a friend. Andy wants to fight, but Thunderbird says it’s a bad idea. Danny goes out to talk to the leader, who was a friend of Kate’s.

Danny is hit in the face and Andy attacks. One of the mob grabs a gun and Eclipse heats it. The Struckers and Underground members get in a car and take off. The mob is close behind as they head to HQ.

Dreamer tries to get Blink to help, but she can’t. Dreamer gives her memories of herself and Thunderbird together. It’s a pretty strong memory of Dreamer and Thunderbird making out. Blink now has something that she cares about. She opens a portal, but it hurts and she thinks she and Thunderbird are in love.

The portal saves the group from Danny’s and Kate tells Eclipse he was right about trying to get outside help. Blink hugs Thunderbird, he’s a bit confused but knows Dreamer had something to do with it.

Turner is in his office and gets a call from Dr. Campbell. Campbell tells Turner he’s interested in the case and offers help. Turner, in the first bit of good he’s done, turns him down.

Kate, Eclipse, and Thunderbird meet with Danny. Kate and Danny apologize to each other. Danny offers her his cabin and gives information about Reed. He tells her to forget him. But that’s not going to happen.

Now you may notice that I use the characters’ mutant names, there’s a reason for this. I remember reading that some mutants prefer the names they picked over their “human” names. I’m going to continue this trend. It’s not to make them not seem human, but to show that I hold them to a higher standard.

The Gifted is still running strong and I like the way the characters are evolving. Here’s hoping they keep it up.

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