A few days ago, 30 minutes of the upcoming Justice League film screened for select audiences in China. Before the theater screened the footage the cast gave a rousing introduction that caused a “frenzy” in the crowd. Needless to say, people are excited. Marvel certainly has a large stake in China. Disney has been making a huge push there, and it shows. But to see Justice League receive a similar fanfare is exciting to say the least.

Gal Gadot posted a video of the “team gathering” to her Instagram page. It’s great to see the actors having fun together. A good sign the same chemistry will be on the big screen.

The @justiceleague Tour is off to an amazing start! Thank you China for having us! ??????

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What’s the Word

A select audience witnessed 30 minutes of footage from the upcoming blockbuster. It’s obvious that the audience was also comprised of members of the press so it’s encouraging to see Warner Bros. have the confidence to start showing off their goods.

Twitter user FIONA IS ALL IN! posted her thoughts on her Twitter page. They are incredibly encouraging for any DC fan looking for any word on the DC team-up. DC bloggers and fans The Snyderos compiled her quotes into a few select images. The twitter user says that the film is “visually stunning” and that “Marvel should panic.” Even more surprising is her declaration that the footage is “better than Wonder Woman…”. Which most have regarded as possibly the only good film in the DCEU so far.

You can find more quotes below, including an image of the attendees’ ticket as proof.

A Sigh of Relief with a Grain of Salt

That is high praise, indeed. The compliments on the films spectacle and action is expected. Zack Snyder’s visual prowess is undeniable. He has a unique signature to every frame in his films, and it’s no surprise that can be felt throughout the footage. It’s nice to hear that Joss Whedon hasn’t veered away from that. It’s Snyder’s best attribute and Whedon knows it.

However, the praise is biased. A glance at either Twitter account will reveal that these are DC fanboys and fangirls through and through. They re-tweet images and quotes that knock Marvel films, and praise some of the films that most critics and audiences didn’t enjoy.

It does make the quotes more difficult to take seriously. Obviously, to say that the film looks better than this Summer’s Wonder Woman is a great comparison. However, Snyder’s penchant for striking visuals and action is known. His skill for story isn’t.