Kara and Alex are wedding planning. Kara seems better, but not great. Hank shows up and tells them he’s leaving for Mars. He tells them he can sense M’gann is in trouble. Kara decides to go too.

Supergirl and Hank arrive at a rundown garage and find a nice looking old car. That transforms…it’s a bioship and it is awesome! I need one of those, even though it goes against most canon on how J’onn got to Earth.

Alex, Sawyer, and Eliza, Alex’s mom, are eating dinner. They talk about Sawyer’s parents and her past. It seems her father kicked her out when she came out. He told her she shamed him. People like this really make me angry. However, this ain’t a soapbox and I’m not climbing up it. He’s still a douche.

J’onn and Kara arrive on Mars and go underground. M’gann shows up and so do some White Martians who claim they apart of the Resistance. They tell J’onn he isn’t the only Green Martian left; his father, M’yrnn, is alive. M’yrnn knows the location for a religious staff that can be used against the White Martians. The Whites can’t read M’yrnn’s mind so they need J’onn to help.

Alex and Sawyer talk about how stupid parents can be about things they don’t understand. Alex tells her to invite them, but Sawyer doesn’t want to.

J’onn finds his father but M’yrnn doesn’t believe it’s J’onn. The CGI here is not great. It’s reminiscent of the Phantom Menace.

Sawyer calls her dad and tells him about her life. She invites him to the shower. Alex is in the background and heard everything.

J’onn is confused about his father. The White Martians want to force M’yrnn to give up the information. M’gann tells J’onn to hurry. Kara and J’onn talk about parents.

Sawyer’s dad gets off a bus, her mom is not there. Her father tells her he follows her cases.

J’onn goes back to his father. M’yrnn takes human form and they discuss religion. He refuses to give up the location of the staff and the Whites attack. J’onn, M’yrnn, and Kara escape. J’onn takes them to M’yrnn’s house. M’yrnn slaps him and tells them he’s finally broken after 200 years.

At the wedding  shower, Eliza does trivia, Winn is drunk and Sawyer’s dad shows up. He gives them a picture of Sawyer when she was little. The brides start to do presents and Sawyer’s Dad leaves. Maggie follows and we find out he was a sheriff. He brings up the wall and says the world is not different from when he was attacked for just being Mexican.

Kara talks to M’yrnn, they discuss dead planets and she tells him he has a chance to save Mars. He trusts her and J’onn shows him memories that they share. M’yrnn believes him now. The White Martians show up and he tells them where to find the staff.

Kara pulls up to the White Martian overlords in the ship disguised as a car, playing Britney Spears. She makes a Bugs Bunny joke and the fight starts.

A sound takes the Martians down, it’s the staff and then Supergirl is caught. J’onn uses the ship’s guns to save her. She grabs the staff and uses it against the Whites. The Resistance has the staff now. They give the staff to J’onn so he can take it back to Earth.

Sawyer is in the park when her dad shows up. She gives him the picture back and tells him he gave her a gift. A gift that shows she’s not a scared little girl. She walks off feeling better about herself, if not her relationship.

Alex and Sawyer talk about closure and kids. Sawyer still doesn’t want kids, but they still love each other, despite wanting different things.

M’yrnn is on Earth, and he likes the grass. Kara flies off and M’yrnn and J’onn walk off together.