Barry is back with a new and improved suit with advanced technology, but those technological advances put Barry in a world of trouble when Kilgore uses his advanced virus to take control of Barry’s tech. And while Barry isn’t fighting the evil villain, he’s attending couples counseling as he and Iris prepare for their big wedding day!

The Flash Season 4 Episode 2 “Mixed Signals” opens with a man and a woman in a posh apartment. Kurt, the man, is buying the apartment. Kurt gets stuck in the elevator. A symbol “Killg%re” shows up on the panel. It’s some type of virus that has taken over the elevator. It smacks the man around from top to bottom. The door opens and the man is all over the inside.

Barry does a “Risky Business” scene at super speed. He cooks breakfast, a speedster has to eat, and watches TV. Iris comes in and he tells her Cisco made it so he could watch TV at 1000 times normal speed. Iris wants to plan the wedding, but Barry already did everything. This was a bad idea.

Joe is at the crime scene with Captain Singh. Barry shows up late, per usual. Barry looks at the scene and says it looks like he was shaken to death. Cisco shows up, flashing his badge, but doesn’t like the mess. He finds an encrypted code in the elevator.

Cisco reveals the new suit and goes through a list of tech it has. He gives Barry a manual that looks thicker than the Bible. Iris and Caitlin talk about relationships. (Barry and Iris are the gold standard.)

There’s a breach in the lab, a portal has opened from another reality. Cisco stops them from attacking Gypsy. Gypsy and Cisco have a date. (I’m still waiting for Cisco and Caitlin to get together.)

Tim Kwon is in a car listening to the radio. It goes haywire and the “Killg%re” symbol pops up. The car is taken over and is doing 120 mph. Barry catches up to it easily. Iris tells him to go one direction, but he sends it the wrong way. He has to take the car apart to save Tim.

At STAR Labs, they find the same code in the car. Cisco and Caitlin think it looks like DNA. Barry and Iris talk and she tells him they need to communicate. Then she uses Caitlin’s idea to go to couples therapy.

In therapy, Barry sees a newspaper about Oliver as Green Arrow, but then the doctor comes in. Barry talks a lot, in a nervous fashion. The doctor tells them they’ve both experienced trauma. Iris makes a jab about Barry saving Tim. It was perfectly timed and confuses the doctor.

Back at STAR, Gypsy is ready for the date, but Cisco wants to find Killgore.

At CCPD, Joe interviews Tim. Killgore gets a bomb disposal robot with a grenade. He sends it to the room with Joe and Tim. Barry shows up and picks the shrapnel out of the air! That’s fast. I don’t know how his clothes didn’t disintegrate, but it was still cool. Joe plays the grenade off saying it must have been a dud.

The team finds out the victims created an app called Killg%re. Four people worked on it, there’s only a woman, Shelia, that we haven’t seen yet.

Back at STAR, they discover the virus is living and keeps changing. Cisco and Caitlin want to create some digital antibodies. Gypsy comes back and is even more disappointed after Cisco cancels the date. Caitlin tells him he’s in trouble.

Back in therapy, Iris tells Barry he’s doing too much. Iris has abandonment issues after he left.

The fourth member of the group that created Killg%re, Shelia, is playing video games. It’s a nice house. Very nice.

Wally zips in and plants listening devices. Tim comes to see Shelia. Tim tries to lay down a guilt trip, but she’s not having it. Even though it was her plan.

Killgore shows up and uses Shelia’s insulin pump against her. Wally shows up and Killgore splits, taking Tim with him.

Back at STAR, Cisco is mad about Gypsy and can’t focus on his work. They argue and Caitlin leaves. Apparently Gypsy is upset because it’s 111 Day on her Earth. Something like our Valentine’s day.

Barry and Iris have another heart-to-heart with the result being them being the Flash…

Deacon forces Tim to confess, which the team catches on-screen. Cisco comes up with another gizmo, love all the gizmos and doodads, to stop Killgore’s power.

Killgore tries to rip Tim in half, but Barry shows up and stops him. Thanks to all the tech Cisco put in, Barry is now in a lot of trouble. He repulsor blasts Kid Flash. I didn’t know Tony Stark did side work for Central City.

Cisco put his voice into the suit, to be soothing, but it’s not. Killgore locks Cisco out of the system. Barry tries to run away, but his floatation system is turned on…Cisco must have been really bored.

The self-destruct sequence is initiated, called Babel. Iris comes up with the plan for Barry to throw a lightning bolt at himself. He does, it works. Yay!

Killgore goes old school and tries to shoot Tim, but Barry catches the bullet and hits Killgore with Cisco’s device.

Cisco and Gypsy talk about the different holidays on their Earths. Gypsy has a Shaq Day.

Killgore is in prison. Barry and Joe are there and ask how he got his powers. Killgore tells them he isn’t the only one that wasn’t hit by the dark matter wave that has powers now.

I’m sure it’s going to come up later so I’m going to say it now. The warden creeps me out! I get bad vibes from that guy.

The last scene is the Thinker playing piano.