Poison Ivy will return to Gotham, but it won’t be Maggie Geha portraying the Gotham villainess. It will be Mad Men’s Peyton List. Poison Ivy is a mainstay DC villain. She’s been in film, television, animated series, video games, and of course the comics. In fact, she was a major player in the ongoing Trinity series. But now we get to see her return to Gotham with Peyton List becoming Ivy Pepper. Here are five things you might not know about Peyton List!

1. This isn’t her First Superhero Themed Rodeo!

Since 2005 Peyton has had roles in multiple DC related television shows. First, she played Lucy Lane, General Sam Lane’s daughter on Smallville. More recently she played Lisa Snart on The CW’s The Flash. Interestingly enough in both roles, her characters’ father is portrayed by Michael Ironside.  It’s gotta be pretty awesome to work with such a Sci-Fi legend. I would definitely be geeking out if I were in her shoes.

2. Plays Multiple Roles

Acting hasnt’ been her only industry. She first started acting with Sex and the City in 2000 followed by a stint on As the World Turns in 2001 for three years. However, she’s  also had steady work as a model before she began acting. Her modeling career started at nine. She’s been featured in  Your Prom and Girl’s Life as well as doing work for Dooney & Bourke and Clean & Clear. Needless to say Peyton List has graced many magazines covers.

3. There are Two Peyton Lists?

No, this isn’t a case of a Mirror Universe version of Peyton List. There are two actresses who share the same name. The other Peyton List is also a well-known actress in her own right who has had roles on Jessie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In fact the two commonly get mistaken for each other due to their identical names!

4. New England Born

Boston, Massachusetts is the home of many things in American History. The Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre just to name two. It’s also home to Peyton List. She was born in Boston in 1986. The city and region played a role in her career as she started modeling in New England at the age of nine.

5. So you Think you can Dance?

You may think that you can, she in fact can. Peyton List studied ballet at the School of American Ballet in New York City. Aside from acting, and modeling it seems she’s got some killer moves as a trained ballet dancer. I wonder if she’s going to put some of those moves on display when she appears on Gotham?

So there you go, this should have caught you up to the latest Poison Ivy on Gotham. A well-rounded actress I look forward to seeing her portrayal of the classic villain. Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 P.M. ET on Fox.



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