A brand new fan made trailer from YouTuber stryder HD pits Wolverine against Black Panther.

The trailer starts off introducing Wolverine with a number of clips from previous X-Men films including X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, and The Wolverine.

Black Panther makes a brief appearance in the build-up of Wolverine. However, it’s not until around the 2:10 mark when the trailer kicks into high gear with Black Panther confronting Wolverine.

Wolverine asks, “Who are you? Where the hell am I?” With Black Panther responding, “Vengeance has consumed you.”

The trailer is super slick. With great transitions and overlays that combine various X-Men clips with scenes from the Black Panther trailers. It looks seamless and extremely well-polished.

styder HD describes the trailer:

The battle between Adamantium vs Vibranium is finally here! The confrontation between these two Marvel heavyweights has been looming and I’ve been waiting for enough footage to do this mash-up trailer, so finally here it is! Enjoy everyone!

As stryder HD mentions, he needed more Black Panther footage in order to finally create this excellent mash-up trailer. Just imagine what he’s going to be able to do once we get more Black Panther trailers and the full film in February of next year!


As you saw the trailer uses clips from the Black Panther Teaser Trailer, the Black Panther Official Trailer #1, X-Men: Origins Wolverine, The Wolverine, Logan, X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men: Apocalypse.

I’d definitely be lining up to go see this movie if it was ever made. Would you?

Who do you think would win? Would Wolverine take down Black Panther or would Black Panther smash Wolverine?

A number of fans were already debating the final outcome with Eric Moore saying, “Wolverine would win for one simple reason he’ll just keep coming back for more until he figures a way to take down the Panther.” However, Angel Kors picked Black Panther saying, “Nope.   In the Comics, Black Panther has defeated Wolverine without any difficulty in addition Black Panther has defeated beings stronger than Wolverine as Namor, Silver Surfer, Dr Doom and Mephisto.   Black Panther wins 9/10.”

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