Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder are avid Twitter users. They’re very approachable and responsive to fans. Which is one of the best aspects of the social media medium. Recently, Greg Capullo has been teasing a Swamp Thing series. But two days ago the famed artist decided to get fans opinion on the matter. He asked if he and Snyder’s next comic should be Wonder Woman or Swamp Thing? Two incredibly popular characters, but only one is enjoying a massive popularity spike thanks to a film. However, the results were a little surprising.

The Avatar of the Green. Representative of the Parliament of Trees. Alec Holland. Though Capullo has mentioned a desire to do a Swamp Thing series it’s a surprise to see the fans be in such agreement. While Swamp Thing is rumored to be a member of the Justice League Dark cast, he’s not one of DC’s most popular characters. Though the New 52 iteration of the character by Snyder and Charles Soule was comic bliss, but so was Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello. Now that fans have provided a definitive answer their next comic may have its subject.

On to the Next One

The famed duo behind the New 52 industry-changing Batman series are clearly brothers-in-arms. They’re passionate about working together and are clearly passionate about creating amazing comics. Currently, the two are creating quite a bit of mischief for the DC Universe in Dark Nights: MetalIt’s a fantastic series so far, with numerous tie-ins that are actually worthwhile if not more interesting than the main series itself. Though the series is roughly halfway done the two are already looking forward to their next project.

For a few months, Capullo has been having fun teasing Swamp Thing on Twitter and Instagram. His depiction of one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, created by the late Len Wein and made all the more famous by Alan Moore, are absolutely gorgeous.

Snyder has plenty of experience with the character. Now that Capullo has put some time in with Alec Holland, readers can only hope these poll results come to life. However, it’s not a done deal, but Snyder said he would keep the fans’ suggestions in mind as heads off to the DC offices in Burbank, California!

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