My review for Brilliant Trash #1 points out that it is a superhero book, so I don’t have to go into that again. Brilliant Trash #2 raises more questions than it answers. (What is an aggromorph?) But it does add to issue #1. The story picks up with Kennedy having a flashback of Dr. Zhen’s life.

The story picks up with Kennedy having a flashback of Dr. Zhen’s life. This raises my first question; is a type of genetic memory at play, or some kind of genetic marker in the sim-cells that allow someone to see her memories? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool effect, I just want to know how it works.

Brilliant Trash #2

The artwork for this issue changes a bit as well. The color palette changes to reflect the characters, which is good. It shifts to a more colorful scheme to show the group of “supers” that found Kennedy. The flashbacks have a patina type effect that lets you know you are in a flashback. Priscilla Petraites has a flair for color that really works for this book.

Brilliant Trash #2′s story seems a bit rushed. I know how it works and know that they have to do it in a certain amount of pages, but that’s how it feels. The use of some of the powers is great, Amalia having the rats try to eat Heller was great, and the lady at the end that analyzes DNA by eating it was both gross and awesome. But I’m still not sure what Mouse can do and Judah feels like a Beast ripoff.

Brilliant Trash #2

I have to admit I am hooked though, Tim Seeley writes great characters. Heller seems cooler than he did last issue, he showed compassion when he didn’t have to and I respect that.  Cromwell is a bad guy if I’ve ever seen one. Why is he after Kennedy, what is his deal with Heller, and what is he doing with those kids?

The Verdict

I still see a lot of potential in the book and while my initial reaction wasn’t the greatest, I’m liking Brilliant Trash the more I read. I’m looking forward to the next issue and hope they slow down a bit and answer the questions that any reader of this book is going to have.

Comic Book Review: Brilliant Trash #2
  • Great artwork
  • Creative use of powers
  • Compelling characters
  • Story feels rushed
  • Too many questions left unanswered
  • Skips around too much
6.5Overall Score
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