Warner Bros. just lifted the Social Media embargo for reviews of Justice League. This means, while full reviews for the film are unavailable, critics are allowed to post their thoughts on next week’s blockbuster. The great news? It’s mostly good news. However, there were some critiques. The film seems to be uneven. The plot is uninteresting; the villain is weak. Surprise, surprise. But, most if not all of the performances are being praised as “movie-saving.” The action is being hailed as a highlight, as well as the comedy. There’s plenty of reason to get excited.

Despite all of the positivity, the critics say the film is a mixed bag. However, it apparently has nothing to do with the cohesion between its two directors. If anything, that’s being praised as one of the highlights of the movie.

Take the Good with the Bad

Sometimes, even the same writers were eager to points out the film’s flaws. Even though every reviewer happens to mention a flaw or two the important takeaway is the impression they all give. Not a single one of these reviewers flat out trashes the film. And these are reputable critics, not partial to DC or Marvel in any way. If it seems that way sometimes it’s more likely do to the uneven nature of DC Films and the almost too even nature of Marvel Studios.

But in the end, the most surprisingly unsurprising detail is that Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller, Wonder Woman and The Flash, apparently steal the show. A close third appears to be Jason Momoa as Aquaman, which is incredibly exciting considering Aquaman is the only DC Film to come out in 2018.

Breathe, just Breathe

And with that a massive sigh of relief fell over every DC and comic book movie fan out there. Due to the uneven nature of the previous DC Films a cloud of doubt has fallen over Justice League throughout its entire production. We saw our first trailer for the film at San Diego Comic Con…in 2016. Before Suicide Squad had been released. Excitment fell to a new low after that film. Luckily, audiences found a little hope in Wonder Woman

Now that Justice League appears to tread water audiences will likely feel a little more confident in the futures of: Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. In the hands of Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon, Chris Terrio, Zack Snyder, and more, the road is clear and promising.