It’s almost Thanksgiving, but comics still come out every Wednesday! Before you pack your bags and get ready to hang out with your in-laws and family, you should load up on some really good comics that are coming out.

Here’s my Top 5 picks for this week!

5. Aquaman #30

First up is Aquaman #30. Dan Abnett’s script and Stjepan Sejic’s artwork have been an absolute treat. I’ve loved how the two have really explored Atlantis and the internal politics of the underwater nation. While there are definite comparisons between Aquaman and real-life, so far Abnett has done a good job of keeping it nuanced and balancing overt real-world problems with the fictional problems of Atlantis. I’m really interested to see where he takes it from here and how Mera will react to Aquaman’s new female friend, Dolphin. But probably what I’m most looking forward to is how Abnett and Sejic will handle Aquaman’s character growth. How will he adapt to the new political structure in Atlantis and unite his people? Will it even be possible?

4. Bloodshot Salvation #3

Next up is Bloodshot Salvation #3 from Valiant Comics. Jeff Lemire is on a whole other level when it comes Bloodshot. And he is joined by the incredible Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan. I love that Jeff has incorporated in the entire Bloodshot family into this story. I love seeing all of the different Bloodshots on the page and their group interaction. And it makes sense because the core of this story is all about family. I’m really looking forward to Bloodshot’s encounter with the villainous “Daddy,” but also how Magic, Bloodshot’s wife, and their daughter Jessie deal with the news about Bloodshot being in 4001 A.D. It’s going to be good!

3. Batman #35

Next on my list is Batman #35 by Tom King and Joelle Jones. After the events of Batman #34, Batman is down and out as Talia pulled a Bane and weakened Batman with her numerous minions before easily trouncing him in combat. It will be interesting to see if Catwoman will be able to hold her own against Talia as she too was weakened by Talia’s minions. King and Jones have teased this fight since they first started arc, here’s to hoping it lives up to expectations!

2. Ninja-K #1

Valiant’s Ninja-K #1 sees Christos Gage team up with Tomas Giorello to flesh out Matt Kindt’s idea of a Ninja program at MI-6. I absolutely loved this idea when Kindt laid it out in his previous run on Ninjak. I really can’t wait to see what Netflix’s Daredevil writer can do with it. From what I’ve seen it’s going to be good. There’s ninjas from almost every time period beginning with World War I. I’m really excited to dive into this world of spies and ninjas and get lost in The Ninja Programme.

1. Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs #1

Finally, back to DC Comics, I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. The Batman Who Laughs is the final one-shot installment of all the dark, twisted Batmen from the Dark Multiverse. We’ve seen Devastator, Dawnbreaker, Red Death, and others, but The Batman Who Laughs has still been a mystery, but he’s also the one who has recruited these other Batmen to invade the DC Multiverse. I’m dying to know what his motivations are and what his end goal with Barbatos is. I’m not sure we will get all those details, but with a story by James Tynion IV and Riley Rossmo it’s bound to be good!

Well, there you have it. Those are my top 5 comic book picks for this week. What books are you most looking forward to this week? What’s at the top of your read pile?