While there are plenty of problems in Justice League, the designs weren’t among them. Cyborg initially drew some cocked eyebrows, but at the end of the day every member of the team looked their best. Audiences have talented Production Designer Michael Wilkinson to thank for that. He worked on all three of Zack Snyder’s contributions to the DC Universe.

But there are many, many people behind the designs of large scale films. Not the least of which is Justice League. A film that features plenty of new characters for concept artists to sink their teeth into including brand new baddies and a brand new suit for Batman to don. However, some designs just don’t make the cut. We got our hands on both an alternate parademon design as well as an alternate Batman tactical suit that just didn’t make it.


The forces of Apokolips have always been a mix of demon and bug. This disgusting combination is the Parademon, seen recently terrorizing the world and dying at the end of Aquaman’s trident.

Concept artist Jerad Marantz recently shared an unused design for the Parademons to his Instagram.

Needless to say, that is an awesome design. It’s not the Parademons that comic fans know and love. But there’s something remarkably sinister about this design. It also makes more sense that this is what corrupted humans would “morph” into when turning into Parademons. The ones seen in the final film are equipped with armor, goggles, and other technology.

Batman’s Tactical Suit

Batman’s new suit was another highlight of Justice League. It didn’t add much to the character, but it looked fantastic. It also provided more padding for the greatest detective in the world. Once again, Marantz provided another look in the “what if” machine by showing another design for the suit.

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#batman #tactical #conceptart for #justiceleague Always an honor to work on a bat suit. I had an incredible time working on the concept art for costume designer @michaelwilkinson in London with the amazing crew at #warnerbros #leavesdenstudios The artists on this show really brought it! Thanks to @brookedibbs @hodge1001 and Mark Trunk for being so friendly! I think I was in the Uk for a couple of months after working with the the great LA team: @constantinesekeris @pboutte @ianjoynerart @keltoncram Special thanks to Stephanie Porter the assistant costume designer that balanced her incredibly challenging job with babysitting me and making sure I didn’t get lost riding the tubes 😊 #dccomics #dccinematicuniverse #wonderwoman #cyborg #aquaman #theflash #steppenwolf #parademons #kirby #zbrush #costume #zbrushsculpt #keyshot

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Unsurprisingly, like the Parademon design is more logicalThere’s more armor and pockets for equipment, making this a very literal interpretation of what a tactical suit might look like for the Caped Crusader. Unfortunately, due to the many straps and fastenings it might have been too complicated to employ. Or too difficult for Ben Affleck to remove.

Fans are clamoring for a director’s cut of Justice League. They believe there is a better film out there. Time will tell whether or not that’s the case. However, more and more images and leaks are coming from behind the scenes indicating there was a lot going on. As the story of Warner Bros. blockbuster continues there is bound to be much more at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

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