Shazam! director David F. Sandberg is having a ton of fun on the upcoming DC Films project. He’s already released a hilarious script for the upcoming film, but his latest prank might be the best.

Sandberg reimagined the nightmare scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and added in Shazam! But not only did Sandberg use footage from Batman v Superman, he also incorporated a clip from the animated film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.


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The clip starts off with the animated film where Batman comes over to check on young Billy Batson. In what might one of the biggest mistakes of Batman’s career he asks young Billy, “Are you all right? Say something.” To no one’s surprise Billy shouts “Shazam!” and is transformed into the mighty Captain Marvel as Batman leaps out of the way of the massive lightning bolt. As Captain Marvel looks down on Batman, the animated footage seamlessly switches to Batman v Superman as Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne almost leaps out of his chair after awaking from the nightmare.

It’s quite possible that Sandberg could be hinting at Batman’s inclusion in the upcoming Shazam! film. While he might not play a prominent role, it would make sense for Batman to begin tracking other metahumans and super-powered individuals. They could be potential recruits for the Justice League and Batman would more than likely want to continue to bolster the ranks of the League in order to combat another attack from Steppenwolf or other cosmic threats. Because at the end of the day, Batman knows Superman can die and if he dies the entire world is at risk.

Batman might also want to look for insurance against Superman. His fear of Superman becoming a dictator might still be lingering in the back of his mind. He might want to find some kind of insurance to prevent it from happening. Shazam would be the perfect insurance and could set-up an epic Captain Marvel vs Superman fight!

Batman has made cameos in all of the other DC Films up until this point with the exception of Man of Steel. While he doesn’t appear on screen, he does send Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman the original picture of her team in the town of Veld during World War I. In Suicide Squad, Batman takes down Deadshot, chases Joker and Harley Quinn and eventually pulls Harley from the river. Then finally confronts Amanda Waller about the government’s tracking of super-powered individuals.

Do you think Batman will show up in Shazam! or is David F. Sandberg just having some good fun?

Shazam! is currently on the slate for a 2019 release. The movie stars Zachary Levi as Captain Marvel and Asher Angel as the young Billy Batson. They will be opposed by long-time Captain Marvel villain Dr. Sivana.