What a day it’s been! Not only did the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War finally come out, but it appears to have confirmed a major theory surrounding the Soul Stone and Black Panther.

Probably one of the most epic parts of the trailer is seeing Thanos, the Black Order, and his forces attack Wakanda. In response we get a fantastic scene of the Avengers lining up to defend Black Panther’s homeland. The battle in Wakanda looks to be a major plot point. And you might be wondering why in the world would Thanos and his forces focus on Wakanda, a place we haven’t even seen outside of the Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War trailers.

That’s where the Soul Stone Theory comes into play. If you have seen the trailer for Black Panther, you might have noticed his connection to a spiritual realm. In the comics this realm is called the Djalia, it is the collective memory of Wakanda. In the movie it appears Djalia is the place where Black Panther is able to commune with the “Panther Gods” which is where the power of the Black Panther is sourced.



Sharp eyed fans took that snippet and theorized that the ability to commune in the spiritual realm must be connected with the Soul Stone. The idea is that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda. The theory goes on to say the Stone was lodged in or at the very least connected to the meteor that crashed in Wakanda and is the source of Vibranium.

This theory is bolstered by the comics. When Thanos and his minions believe Namor the Submariner has one of the Infinity Stones, however they discover T’Challa has been hiding it in Wakanda.

It’s more than likely the Soul Stone will be revealed in Black Panther. If the Soul Stone’s reveal is anything like the other Infinity Stones, it will play a significant role in the upcoming Black Panther film. If you remember, the Tesseract was instrumental in Captain America: First Avenger. The Power Stone was the focus of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, the Aether granted Malekith his unbelievable powers, Dr. Strange was able to defeat Dormammu with the Eye of Agamotto, and Loki used the Mind Stone, located in his staff, to invade Earth eventually leading to the creation of Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

One thing is for sure Thanos will be collecting the Infinity Stones one at a time. However, he might not be doing the actual collecting. As in the comics, Thanos sends his minions to fetch the Infinity Gems. However, after his minions are rebuffed, Thanos enters the fray himself in Wakanda. We saw in the trailer, what appeared to be Ebony Maw or Loki’s staff ripping the Mind Stone from Vision. And it appears Thanos already has the Power Stone somehow.

While the Soul Stone theory looks to have got some legs following the Avengers: Infinity War trailer it’s possible Wakanda might just be a staging area for the Avengers to fight back against Thanos. If the country remains hidden following Black Panther, it would be a good place to recoup after an initial attack from Thanos. It would make sense to be a staging area because last we saw Captain America was when he joined the Black Panther in Wakanda to be put the Winter Solider on ice in Captain America: Civil War.

Which one do you think is more likely? Do you have your own? Do you think the Soul Stone is Wakanda or could it be the stone Thanos already possesses?

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