Margot Robbie confirmed she hopes to return to Harley Quinn by next year, however she was mum on which project.

Robbie sat down with Jake Gyllenhaal, who is rumored to replace Ben Affleck as Batman, for Variety’s Actors on Actors segment. While Robbie didn’t press Gyllenhaal on a potential Batman role, she did reveal why she signed on to become Harley Quinn and when she hopes to reprise the role.


At about 1:40 Robbie says, “I hope to be playing Harley again at least next year.” She added, “I love her. Every character I play I don’t feel like myself and that’s why I like doing it.”

However she further explained, “Harley’s one of those insane characters and people do seem to really like her, so I hope I get to keep playing her.”

Robbie then revealed why she signed on to do Suicide Squad and become Harley Quinn. “The reason I signed on for ‘Suicide Squad’ was because I love ‘End of Watch’ so much and I saw it about four times at the cinema.”

Margot Robbie pretty much confirmed she will be reprising her role as Harley Quinn next year, but she didn’t reveal which project. It’s more than likely she will become Harley Quinn for Warner Bros. Suicide Squad 2. However, it’s possible she might join the newly announced R-Rated Harley Quinn animated series and lend her voice to the iconic character.

Those aren’t the only options. Robbie is also rumored to star in Gotham City Sirens as Harley Quinn alongside Catwoman and Poison Ivy. There’s also a Joker and Harley Quinn movie in the works that has This Is Us directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa attached, but no other details have surfaced.

Where do you want to see Margot Robbie take the character of Harley Quinn? With the success of Wonder Woman do you think Warner Bros. might push for a solo outing sans Joker? Or do you think they will use the character’s popularity to launch Catwoman and Poison Ivy as they planned in Gotham City Sirens?