Newly minted Captain America scribe Mark Waid thought it was a good idea to target Republicans and label them as pedophiles.

He shared a Click Hole article titled, A Second Chance: This Amazing Organization Helps Disgraced Pedophiles Rebuild Their Lives By Getting Them Elected To Political Office.

Along with the headline, there is a giant image of the GOP.

Now, granted Click Hole is a satire website, but if you’ve followed Mark Waid on Twitter he’s attacked the Republican Party numerous times. Here’s one from just a few days ago to give you some context.

So, it’s highly likely that Mark Waid wasn’t sharing the Click Hole story as a satire piece, but to make a statement against Republicans and demonize them as pedophiles.

However, fans were quick to respond to Mark Waid and point out some disgusting facts about Democrats.

Others began to question Mark Waid’s sanity.

There was a lone voice encouraging Waid to post more articles like this.

I tend to agree with the majority of fans. Based on Waid’s previous posts he went out of his way to share the Click Hole article in an attempt to demonize not only the Republican Party, but those who support the Republican party. This is the man who is writing Captain America and taking him on a road trip to rediscover the nation. While it’s a fictional journey for Captain America, it’s one Mark Waid might want to take himself. To liken the entire Republican Party to one that supports pedophiles is disgusting and shows just how out of touch with many Americans he is.

On another point, does Mark Waid actually think this type of behavior is going to help Marvel and himself sell comic books? As you can see above, many fans find this behavior despicable. Why would they shell out their hard-earned money to support someone who is likening them to pedophiles? Does Marvel not see a problem with this? Why would you allow writers to go out of their way to insult readers? Why are they putting people like Nick Spencer and Mark Waid on Captain America who have such a seething hatred for a significant portion of Americans. It just baffles my mind.

What do you think? Do you think Mark Waid’s behavior was disgusting? Or do you think he was just sharing a Click Hole article for the laughs?