New Theory About Jessica Chastain’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix Role Gains Steam

Jessica Chastain
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Jessica Chastain’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix role has been a complete mystery up until now. Many theorized she would play the Shi’ar Empress Lilandra Neramani. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. A new theory indicates Jessica Chastain will most likely play the Skrull Empress, Veranke.

Entertainment Weekly revealed Chastain’s character as an otherworldly shapeshifter who comes into contact with Phoenix. This description fits the Skrull Empress known as Veranke.

We also got our first image of her mysterious villain.

Jessica Chastain possible skrull queen

The photo shows Jessica Chastain’s character inside of a ruined house. It appears that she has either just fought someone or has arrived at the conclusion of a battle.

In the Comics

Veranke is an interesting character. She stood against the Skrull King Dorrek VII and even challenged his right to the throne because he refused to believe the prophecy that the Skrull Throneworld would be devoured. Dorrek VII eventually exiled her to a barren planet.

Veranke would be proven right when Galactus devoured the Skrull Throneworld and wiped out the Skrull armada. She would return to become the Skrull Empress.


As the Skrull Empress, Veranke launched the Secret Invasion where she used her shape-shifting abilities to pose as Spider-Woman. The storyline also involves a number of other Skrulls posing as many prominent members of the Marvel Universe in order to take over and weaken Earth’s defenses. Some of them included Elektra, Black Bolt, Henry Pym, and Edwin Jarvis. The Skrulls’ goal was to conquer Earth and claim it as a new home world.

Phoenix Saga

For years the Phoenix Saga has been one that fans have asked for. It was attempted in X-Men: The Last Stand,  but Phoenix felt like a hollow footnote instead of an all-powerful omega level creature. Jean Grey’s story was given the subplot treatment that many of us were saddened to see. Hopefully this new movie delivers on the much beloved Dark Phoenix Saga.

One thing is for sure Sophie Turner looks to be an excellent choice to take on Jean Grey and the Phoenix .

Do you think this second time around will give the proper treatment to the Dark Phoenix Saga? Or will it once again stumble and struggle to find its feet? Let us know in the comments below!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes to theaters on November 2, 2018.


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