Twitter has become a cesspool of terrible people and terrible opinions. Over the last few years, the Social Justice Left has worked tirelessly to encroach into entertainment and comic books are no stranger. In fact, G.I. JOE writer Aubrey Sitterson is currently whining his book was canceled because of his politics despite poor sales. It’s no surprise the industry has become a breeding ground for creators who hold a contempt of consumers.

Marvel Comics writer Gabby Rivera, who writes America, might be the worst of the recent crop of “creatives” who have taken over at Marvel.

In a Tweet from last year, Rivera espoused blatant racism.

If you were to replace the word white with brown, yellow, or black, Gabby Rivera would rightfully be drummed out of the industry. But since she’s following the SJW code, her message of hate and racism gets little traction or attention. Her racism and complaints of whiteness are all over her Twitter history as if it were some boogeyman waiting in the closet.

It’s not just white people that Rivera hates. She also targeted Latinos.

Gabby, who like me is Puerto Rican American. She ignores that our community has been politically divided in the past much like the Cuban American community. Large segments of the community are split between liberal and conservative. Neither side has a monopoly on the community. However, it seems if you promote conservative values and ideas that’s labeled as “whiteness” or as Gabby says “white supremacist thought.”

But Gabby takes that a step further. She somewhat defines what “whiteness” is. It’s people who support the police and President Donald Trump. In fact, if you support these things and are a Latino, she calls you a traitor. “How you gonna serve us to the lions?” How does supporting the police, President Donald Trump, and “whiteness” mean you are feeding people to lions? What kind of racist nonsense is this? And to that point what exactly is wrong with “whiteness.” What is wrong with people having white skin color, Gabby? Are Latinos not allowed to have friends who believe in different philosophies?

But Gabby wasn’t done with her racist attacks. She then targeted people who marry and date white people. She attacked fellow Puerto Ricans Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez for not supporting the same political causes as her. It’s like she doesn’t think people can’t have different ideas about the major issues in our world and society. She wants us to all become part of some Borg that only supports what she wants. And if you don’t join, you get attacked.

This attack is absolutely disgusting. Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez sacrifice their time and their own personal wealth to help improve the world. They live up to James 2: 14-26. Ricky Martin has his Ricky Martin Foundation where they work to end human trafficking among other community initiatives. Jennifer Lopez supports her Lopez Family Foundation which aims to help mothers and children get quality healthcare and health education.


Meanwhile, Gabby Rivera advocates for outright theft. She puts herself in the victim class while telling hackers to start stealing others wealth and redistribute it to her and the aforementioned Borg. She’s the personification of an SJW. She Bashes people for attributes they cannot control. She’s a blatant racist and advocates criminal violence against those she deems unworthy.  Envy is one of the worst things you can have, and as you can see it’s toxic.

This folks is Marvel Comics’ America writer Gabby Rivera. She is a blatant racist who hates white people and those who date or marry white people. If you’re white or the wrong kind of brown she will talk down to you. She wants to live off your labor, while also bashing you for something that you were born with.

Attributes you cannot control shouldn’t be used against anyone. It was a lesson I learned as a child. You treat people based on merit, not skin color. It might be something the staff at Marvel Comics might looking into teaching their writers.