Newly minted DC Comics writer and former Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed on Twitter he almost died last week after he had a MRSA infection. The MRSA infection blinded him for four days and almost killed him on Monday.

Bendis says his wife saved his life and many of his friends within the comics industry “surrounded [him] in a wall of love.”

Fortunately, Bendis reports he is home and he’s recovering in his home. He credits his recent healthy eating and weight loss for helping him recover so quickly. Bendis also showed his intense dedication and love for comics. While still recovering from a near death situation, he’s already thinking about his commitments to both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He reports both DC and Marvel will let him do his work when he can.

Bendis then thanks the fans for their support especially from those who picked up his recent issues featuring Jessica Jones and Miles Morales. Along with giving thanks to fans he notes he is in on the mend and getting better every day.

Bendis then went on to thank the staff at Legacy Emanuel for helping save his life. And while he previously stated Marvel and DC Comics would let him work on his own time when he mends, it appears that timeline might be shorter than you would expect. At the end of his Tweet thanking Legacy Emanuel he says, “back to work.” If that doesn’t show a love for comics, I don’t know what does.

Finally, Bendis reports he will not be appearing in Portugal next week, but promises to be there next year.  He then thanks his friends for all of their support and apologizes to those who were kept in the dark.

Bendis then shared some of the lighter moments of his hospital visit that helped him through the terrible experience.

Thankfully, Brian Michael Bendis is doing well. I’ve had my own experiences in the hospital and they are definitely not pleasant. I hope he continues to recover quickly!

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