Fans and audiences have more than a few issues with Justice LeagueThe most widely discussed problem is the film’s length. A studio mandate supposedly kept it under 2 hours, which clearly hampered the blockbuster. This led to fans asking for the inevitable “extended cut” to be released. Apparently, even Justice League‘s director wants to see that cut released. Well, that may come to pass.

According to El Fanboy podcast host Mario Robles, DC and Warner Bros. are thinking about putting a little something together…

The fact that Warner Bros. is already considering an extended cut of the film is no surprise. “The Ultimate Cut” of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had great sales and with Justice League’s performance to take into account DC should be looking to please some fans. But a Superman trilogy? That seems a little unbelievable and a little laughable. If anything, DC and Warner Bros. should know that most fans and audiences didn’t think Superman had been interpreted the right way until the final 20 minutes of Justice League. 

And those were the people who actually saw the film.

The other surprise? It won’t be Snyder’s original cut of the film, but an extended “theatrical cut.”

The Studio’s Cut

Careful choice of words, “theatrical cut.” Does that mean it isn’t Joss Whedon’s cut of the film? Probably not. There’s no way Whedon was a fan of the 1 hour and 59 minute cut that limped its way into theaters. Not only that, he is responsible for some of the better parts of the film. Superman’s opening didn’t look great but it was very effective; Batman’s introduction was a fun and awesome nod to the comics and to Geoff Johns. Whether or not fans realize it, Joss Whedon contributed a lot of amazing things to Justice League and undoubtedly made it a better film.

If Warner Bros. is going to release a longer cut of this film, it would have to be that of its 2nd director. Zack Snyder is a great visual director who contributed a lot to the foundation of this Universe. But Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a misstep; Justice League was a missed opportunity. And many of the latter film’s highlights came after his departure.

It’s time for this universe to move on and into the hands of new and equally exciting artists.