Director Chris McKay has had a great few years. He was one of the directors behind the incredible Robot Chicken. He co-directed The Lego Movie with Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The Lego Batman Movie can also attribute it’s success to McKay, as he was its sole director. That was his break-out hit. The Lego Batman Movie may be one of the best Batman films ever made. It was heartfelt and humorous, two traits that are a prerequisite for a Nightwing film. So it was a surprise to no one when McKay was named the director of the film.

But it’s been quiet on the Dick Grayson front lately. Justice League is dying a rather quick death. Chances are Warner Bros. don’t want any of their future announcements or projects to be connected to what everyone perceives to be a failure. But now, McKay has offered an update on the updates.

Unfortunately, it seems fans will have to wait another two months before hearing anything concrete about the film. Whether or not that will entail a full casting announcement is unclear. When McKay and his long-awaited project begin to take shape there likely won’t be much to say about the film. McKay has been adamant about the physical requirements needed for the role. There may be a few actors perfect for the part, but the the role of Dick Grayson is an important one for the DCU.

The Boy Wonder all-grown-up is one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe. He also happens to be an accomplished gymnast. Tom Holland had to show off his gymnastic skills to become Sony and the MCU’s Spider-Man. An actor looking to take up Grayson’s eskrima sticks will have to be as equally committed.

Possible Film Location

McKay was able to give away one, minor detail about the production of Nightwing. 

The Detroit Film Critics named The Lego Batman Movie the best animated movie of the year! And rightfully so, it’s fantastic. So when thanking them McKay dropped a little hint that he may be filming there soon. Well, what film of his would likely require a large cityscape known for housing large film productions?

Why, Nightwing comes to mind.

Chris McKay has proven time and time again over the last year that he is the perfect director to bring Nightwing into whatever the DC Cinematic Universe becomes. While some of the bigger franchises in Warner Bros,’ hands falter, the ones with exciting filmmakers and creatives at the helm will continue to draw excitement from fans.

Dick Grayson began as the first sidekick to the greatest superhero ever. For years the two were inseparable. Known as the greatest duo in crime fighting history. But Dick Grayson grew up. Instead of moving on he moved forward and developed his own identity as Nightwing. One of the most genuine and sincere heroes in comic book history.

Hopefully, audiences can get just as excited about Chris McKay and the actor who will soon become Nightwing.