Gotham star David Mazouz, who plays a young Bruce Wayne on the show, has an idea for Fox’s Gotham and The CW’s Arrowverse to crossover. I have to admit it’s a pretty decent idea and I would love to see these universes collide.

In a sit down with, Mazouz laid out his plans for the crossover.

First of all, if there’s going to be a Crossover, they come to Gotham. That’s kind of a must have because nobody in Gotham can time travel yet.

He then went on to detail a plan that puts a twist on the Flashpoint storyline where Barry Allen tries to save his mom from the Reverse Flash. In this scenario Flash is trying to stop Bruce Wayne’s parents’ death.

The Flash kind of had their run-in with Flashpoint a couple of seasons ago. Maybe there could be another kind of Flashpoint where Flash runs back in time and goes to Gotham and maybe tries to stop Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder from happening. Maybe not the traditional ‘Bruce Wayne gets murdered instead and Thomas becomes Batman thing,’ but something along those lines where the whole world gets whack and it’s up to Flash to fix things in Gotham.

I could definitely see something where Batman never exists because Bruce does not make his vow against crime. It could lead to Gotham’s less than desirable citizens move into positions of power in the government. For example, we could see Penguin return to the role of Mayor, but now he’s dealing with an underground resistance movement led by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. But Penguin isn’t afraid to use extreme measures and he deploys Gotham’s most respected, and talented individuals such as Jerome, Edward Nygma, and Barbara Kean to deal with this resistance.

That’s definitely something I would watch regardless! What about you?

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