Fans are not happy with Disney and Lucasfilm’s latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. They first created a petition calling for Disney to remove the film from Star Wars canon. But now, one fan from Maine wants the critic review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to be shutdown.

The petition reads:

Rotten tomatoes has a very flawed aggregate rating system.Take for example the Critic’s Ratings  for Star wars The last jedi (93%) , Ghostubusters(73%) and Sharknando(82%).All of these movies got high ratings but from audience these movie got very low ratings.These movies are extremely hated by fans and general public. And most of the critics on RT gives favourable reviews to Disney blockbuster movies.One RT critic from collider bashed the fanbase who hated the last jedi during a Youtube vlog. Many critics on RT are extremely toxic and they are unprofessional. The critics from outlets such As mashable,collider, screen junkies, THR, forbes, Indiewire are extremely toxic on social media and unprofessional with their reviews.

RT has a very flawed  aggregate rating and broken system. 3/5 score for a disney film is listed a fresh/good review and the same 3/5 review score for non disney blockbusters are listed as rotten/bad review. The tomatometer system is extremely broken and unreliable. For example if a movies has aggregate critics rating score of  6/10 and another movies has 9/10 aggregate critics score. Both movies will have 90 percent on tomatometer. RT is a horrible review aggregate site and very unreliable. IMdb and metacritic ratings is more reliable site for movie reviews.The broken Rotten tomatoes system can hurt the movie industry Becuase most of the audience watch the movies based on RT score. And their broken system is like cancer to movie industry and audience. In short RT will be plague for non disney movies as RT score dosnt accurately tell which movie is bad, average or good.

What’s interesting is the petition will not be delivered to Rotten Tomatoes if it reaches its goal of 200 signers. It currently has 181 signatures. Instead, the petition will be delivered to Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

This isn’t the first petition to target Rotten Tomatoes. One targeted the website and movie critics telling audiences to disregard critic reviews. That petition is still active and has over 22,000 signatures.