Remember your first car?

Han Solo probably does. Chances are it wasn’t the Millennium Falcon. Instead, it was something much smaller. Much more suitable for a young smuggler making his way through the Imperial Academy. Ron Howard took over for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller some time ago. Since then, he’s done a great job of promoting his collaboration with Disney and LucasfilmThe prolific director has been all over social media finding ways to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story. Well, his latest glimpse into his Star Wars-world could give a major clue about part of Han Solo’s young life.

Recently, Howard took to Twitter to wish fans a Happy New Year. Aware of how much fans are looking forward to the film, he gave us a close up-look of a familiar dashboard.

This isn’t the first time Howard has shown this particular dashboard. In September he posted a black and white picture of the same vehicle interior on Instagram.

Why would Howard devote so much attention to this relatively small detail? Because he’s giving us some major clues about his upcoming film. Han Solo was quite the talker. In fact, no one can recite his greatest feats or accomplishments better than he can. One such story was how he won the Millennium Falcon from his buddy, Lando Calrissian. Chances are those events are going to be in the film. But what will also appear is the sort of vehicle Han was driving before he would meet the greatest ship he’d ever pilot.

His first…ship.

A Coming of Age Story

Han Solo is just one of many excellent pilots seen throughout the Star Wars universe. But he’s undoubtedly the most famous. His adventures will obviously be the center of Disney’s next film in the franchise. Whether or not fans wanted to see the origins of their favorite rogue is unknown, but it’s coming soon. If they had to tell a story about the young smuggler it would need to be a formative one. A story that builds the legend from the ground up. Showing everything that came before.

For his life to be convincing Solo needs to start…small. He’ll be a small-time smuggler making his way through the criminal underworld. For that he’ll need his first car. A wonderful vehicle to get him through thick and thin. Until the poor thing gives out, or falls on the field of battle.

Like any person Solo will mourn the loss. But eventually, he’ll pick up and move on. And what better way to move on than with one of the greatest spaceships in any story. Ever.

The Millennium Falcon can’t just be something that appears in the film. It needs to be an answer to a question or obstacle in Han’s life. Well, chances are that obstacle will be that he no longer has a ship of his own. But to become the pilot Star Wars fans know and love, Solo will have had to be at the helm of at least one good ship.

The picture shows a gorgeous dash with interiors that harken back to classic american roadsters. What could be Han’s first ship or speeder looks like it’s one to remember.