Luck must love this Deadpool Fan. After stumbling across a video on Twitter, Ryan Reynolds decided to invite the fan featured in it to the premiere of the Untitled Deadpool Sequel.

In the video, a fan just had all four of his wisdom teeth removed and he was still under the effects of anesthesia.  While under the effects of anesthesia, he questions his wife on whether or not he missed seeing the Untitled Deadpool Sequel. She reassures him it hasn’t come out, yet but he’s persistent.

Along with the video he added, “Post Dentist of Getting all Four of my Wisdom Teeth pulled DEADPOOL 2, Ice Cream, & Banging my Wife sounds about Right  

Watch it’s an absolute riot!

After almost receiving more than 600 thousand views, Reynolds invited the fan to join him for a viewing of the Untitled Deadpool Sequel in May. He also commiserated with him telling him he once had his wisdom-testicles removed!

Reynolds said, “Years ago, I had my wisdom-testicles removed. I know how painful it can be. Consider this your official invite to the Untitled Deadpool Sequel, James. I’ll see you and a guest in May.

Having all four wisdom teeth removed seems like a small price to pay to be Deadpools’ guest at the May premiere. This isn’t the first time the Deadpool star has utilized social media to interact with fans. On the fourth of July last year, a fan decided to photoshop him into some prom photos after being dumped by her boyfriend a few days before prom.

Fast on his feet, Reynolds replied that next, they should photoshop him over the her ex-boyfriend’s yearbook picture next.

At least one fan will get to see the Untitled Deadpool Sequel in May. The rest of us will have to wait for June 1, 2018 when the movie officially hits theaters.

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