Not everyone was keen on the final cut of Justice League. Including the film’s original director. The Warner Bros. mandate that kept the film under two hours left quite a lot on the cutting room floor. Many fans are hoping for an extended cut in some way shape or form. On March 13th, the film is expected to make its way onto shelves and digital distribution services. Chances are it won’t be featuring the director’s cut or an extended version of the film that DC fans are dying to get at.

But deleted scenes from the film are still making their way online. Now, a Twitter account by the name of JusticeLeagueES posted a deleted, unfinished scene from the film. The scene is Jeremy Iron’s Alfred getting to meet Bruce’s new friends, the Justice League

Here’s the tweet translated from Spanish:

A new deleted scene of JusticeLeague is filtered without the polished CGI in which we see the team greeting Alfred. Moments before embarking on the journey to the final battle in the ‘Flying Fox’. The possibility to see scenes like this one added to the Blu-ray / DVD of the film grows..

The first thing to notice is that while Ray Fisher’s Cyborg does feature some CGI, it is by no means finished. It looks like the scene could have been a fun, if not insignificant, addition to the film. But it’s a scene that gets to explore the characters in a slightly different way. Each hero greets Alfred in a different way. Wonder Woman is polite. Cyborg is aloof. The Flash is adorable. And Aquaman is, unsurprisingly, cool as a cucumber.

It’s unfortunate that several of the missing parts of this larger puzzle seem to be Alfred’s.

Better Luck Next Time

Alfred is one of the most important parts of Batman and Bruce Wayne. In fact he’s a mentor and a father-figure; a butler and a friend. He spends his time taking care of Bruce while he’s safely tucked away in the Manor or the Batcave. Alfred also watches over Batman, acting as both a strategist and researcher. He plays a pivotal role in world of Gotham City.

The most famous butler in fiction would have to be a prominent part of the team that Batman founds for those reasons and more. He’s an asset who does everything he can to protect the son that was entrusted to him. Jeremy Irons is a fantastic actor. Though he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to explore the depths of the character in any meaningful ways, he’s already done a great job. He looks completely natural walking around the Batcave and working on various pieces of technology. He looks like a tinker in his workshop, which perfectly embodies that part of Alfred’s life.

However, what audiences haven’t seen is Alfred simply being a butler. There were glimpses in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Justice League featured more Batman than Bruce. It left Alfred at the computer. Hopefully, Matt Reeves knows how lucky he is to have Irons as Alfred. The Academy Award-winning actor is one of the best actors around.

Following in the footsteps of Michael Caine, Jeremy Irons fits the devoted butler quite well.