More leaked set photos from Marvel Studios upcoming megablockbuster Avengers 4 show Chris Evans in his Captain America outfit from The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo in his motion capture suit, Paul Rudd in an Ant-Man suit, and Robert Downey Jr. as a CGI-less Iron Man. In the photos they are surrounded by wreckage with cars flipped over and bricks strewn everywhere.

What might be the most interesting part is that in a number of the photos the actors look jubilant. It’s hard to tell whether this is acting or they are just joking around on set.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Avengers wearing their original The Avengers uniforms on the set of Avengers. We’ve previously seen leaked photos of Robert Downey Jr. wearing his Iron Man shirt as well as photos of a captured Loki.

The most prominent theory to explain why Captain America is in The Avengers costume is time travel. It’s possible the Avengers with the help of Doctor Strange are able to keep the Time Stone, hidden in Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto necklace, out of the hands of Thanos. They then use the Stone to travel back and time and change the events The Avengers. This would explain why Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is included in these new photos.

However, another theory indicates it might not be the Avengers using the Time Stone at all. It could be Thanos using the Mind Stone which he acquires from Vision. In the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Corvus Glaive appears to take the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead and we’ve seen Paul Bettany’s character sitting in a jail cell in leaked photos. Thanos could use the Mind Stone to put them in an alternate mind state. That could also explain why Ant-Man is on the set.

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Regardless it definitely looks like we are in for a few big surprises in the upcoming Avengers movies!

Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters on May 4, 2018. Avengers 4 is expected to hit theaters on May 3, 2019.

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