A new Avengers 4 set photo shows Marvel Studios is bringing back the Binary Augmented Retro Framing (B.A.R.F.) technology which Tony Stark used at the very beginning of Captain America: Civil War.

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Why didn't anyone tell me this was not right side up?

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The technology was designed to allow individuals to revisit their past to get over traumatic events.

A new theory believes previously leaked set photos which show a muzzled Loki from The Avengers as well as Tony Stark in his Iron Man shirt and Captain America in his old costume from The Avengers do not depict time travel.

Instead, the theory believes Scott Lang and Tony Stark are using the B.A.R.F. technology to revisit their past in order to find a potential weakness against Thanos.

However, in Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark presents the technology as a coping mechanism for traumatic events. In fact, it appears the technology can allow you to experience an almost alternate history.

Tony describes the technology, “That’s how I wish it happened. Binary Augmented Retro Framing or B.A.R.F., God I got to work on that acronym, an extremely costly method of hijacking the hippocampus to clear traumatic memories. It doesn’t change the fact that they never made it to the airport or all the things I did to avoid processing my grief.”

It’s possible the technology could still be used to find a weakness for Thanos, but what could be even more interesting is that Thanos obtains all six of the Infinity Stones, discovers the B.A.R.F. technology, and puts the Avengers in an alternate history.

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If Thanos does create an alternate history or some kind of pocket dimension it could explain why Evangeline Lilly said after Avengers 4 everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would shift.

What do you think the leaked set photo with the B.A.R.F. technology means?

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019.