I am not Batman!

The time has supposedly come for Ben Affleck to hang up his cape. His time as Batman has been up in the air for a while. Though he still sees himself having a future with the character, it’s most likely not in front of the camera. But now it sounds like Warner Bros. and DC Films are coming to a decision as to how to make this particular change. Because a recent rumor suggests plans are being made for Ben Affleck’s final performance as Batman.

Batman-On-Film.com are reporting that a source close to the studio says they’re looking for an appropriate time for the send-off.

…there’s a chance — albeit a very small one — that Ben Affleck could be given a “last hurrah,” so to speak, in FLASHPOINT (if it gets made) or even SUICIDE SQUAD 2…

The most disheartening detail here is the implication that audiences may have already seen Ben Affleck’s final performance as Batman. Justice League was a decent film, and arguably the best movie to feature Affleck’s Batman. But he wasn’t one of the movie’s highlights despite being the entire DCEU’s highlight before Wonder Woman.

So will there be an actual exit for the character, or just a final sequence in which Ben Affleck will appear as Batman?

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That depends on how this Universe is going to progress, which is probably in the hands of its new President and Geoff Johns. Jeffrey Dean Morgan wouldn’t be a bad replacement, after all. Neither would Jon Hamm. If there’s going to be a Justice League 2 someday there damn well better be a Batman. But chances are it won’t be Ben Affleck.

A Long Time Coming

Suicide Squad 2 would be an odd place to give the character a proper goodbye. Then again, so would Flashpoint. But it would seem audiences are going to be bidding adieu to this Bruce Wayne sometime soon. A sad turn of events for what’s been a career-altering performance for the actor.

Ben Affleck as Batman may have been the most controversial casting decision of all time. It angered comic and movie fans alike. But the actor managed to convince everyone, despite only being in mediocre films. Ben Affleck appeared as Batman 3 times. Unfortunately, those were the 3 worst films in DC Films’ struggling cinematic Universe. One that has only continued to disappoint fans. Apparently, the films are disappointing the folks who made them too.

Can you blame Ben Affleck for being tired of playing the greatest superhero ever created?

Of course not. He still loves the character. Batman is an important part of his foundation as an artist. But playing the guy is a huge responsibility. One that would probably be a lot easier if any of the films in which he’s appeared had been worthwhile. Hopefully, if he’s given the chance to have one final showdown his Bruce Wayne still has some fight in him. If Warner Bros. and DC Films give Affleck’s Batman one “last hurrah,” let it be his best one yet.

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