Season one of The Punisher just came out a few months ago and was quickly picked up for a second season for good reason. It scored decently with Rotten Tomatoes with a 61% Tomatometer rating from critics. However, audiences loved it. It has a 91% Audience Score. And it doesn’t look like the cast is wasting any time getting ready for Season 2. Jon Bernthal already revealed which Defenders he’d like to see in Season 2.

During his appearance at the ACE Comic-Con in Arizona, Jon Bernthal with Ebon Moss-Bachrach spoke about The Punisher. They talked about ideas and deleted scenes. In the Q&A,  he opened up about where the show could go, and who he’d like to see drop by in season two.

“You know, I love Charlie [Cox]. I’ve worked with him before and I’d work with him again on anything in a heartbeat. He’s the reason I’m doing this. He brought me into this and his performance is what made me want to do it.”

Jon continued on and talked about a deleted scene where Frank Castle and Karen Page spoke about Matt Murdock. Even though it didn’t make the cut, he could see a similar conversation make it’s way to season two. Then Jon went on to say if he couldn’t get Daredevil in season two, then Jessica Jones would be a great fit.

“That being said, they’re all great. I’m a huge fan of Krysten’s [Ritter] too. She’s killer and I’d love to work with her as well.”

I really could see a bad ass like Jessica Jones giving The Punisher a run for his money. One thing to keep in mind though is that both actors, Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter, were just in The Defenders and each has their own series set to roll out. Jessica Jones Season 2 will be coming out in just a couple months in March.

Personally, I’d love to see Matt and Frank meet again. Both characters have grown since their last meeting, which can provide some amazing philosophical dialog. Since their rooftop conversation, I bet many of the debate points could be reinterpreted to match what they’ve gone through.

Now my question for you all. Who would you like to see in The Punisher’s second season? I have my own bias, but I want to hear and see yours.

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